Kate’s Other Life

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Hello again, loyal and faithful readers. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, and it took a bit of time for me to decide whether to write about these recent happenings, but in the end… well, here it is.

For those unfamiliar with me, my early life experiences have been told about in some detail in the series, It’s My Life, found here at .

I’m older now, having turned 50 a couple of years ago, but am apparently not much wiser in some ways. I have been in a relationship with a woman about my age for several years, but Kate and I had a little rough patch in the summer of 2007. I found myself getting involved with a another woman, and that eventually involved her boyfriend as well. All of this thanks in part to my writing here, but that’s another story.

In the end, Kate found out about what I had been up to, but to my surprise she wasn’t all that upset. There was a reason for that, however, and when she told me the reason for her lack of anger, it led me down a very different road.

*** Please note that this story involves some subjects which are much different than any that I have dealt with in the past. They were new to me too, and so if you are squeamish about some of the things listed in the story tags for this offering, please do not read this particular story.


Chapter One: Revelations.

We were in the restaurant, finishing up dinner, which I was trying to drag out for as long as I could. I was dreading what was to follow after we left the sanctity of the dining room.

“That’s why I realized that I had no right to complain when I found out about your little escapades with Melissa at that concert and the other times,” Kate explained. “You’ve got parts of you that I can’t satisfy, and I’m the same way. Maybe that’s why I think we belong together, because there isn’t any one woman that could really fill all my needs.”

“I could try,” I said lamely, but she shakes her head and says that not only couldn’t I, she wouldn’t really want me to try.

“It’s not you at all,” Kate says. “I don’t think of you in that way.”

What way is that, I wonder, but it’s time to go, Kate says. We have sizable doggy bags.

Next thing I know we’re in the parking lot. Kate unlocks the passenger door, and before I get in she wraps me up in her arms and kisses me. Her hand is under my skirt and I’m parting my legs for her exam.

“A little wet,” Kate says as her finger enters my pussy. She was hoping I’d be dripping, I guess.

“I’m scared,” I tell her.

“I know, Beck,” she says. “My Becky doesn’t like surprises – never did. Just trust me.”

I don’t trust anybody, not even myself. We drive downtown and enter an apartment complex in a so-so part of town, and Kate takes an overnight bag out of her trunk. We go to the door and she buzzes an intercom button. There’s no name in the little space for a name. A kid answers. Kate says, “It’s me”, and a loud buzz lets us in.

It’s up a flight of stairs we go on our way to the second floor and I’m following Kate like an obedient puppy. She turns the corner, and down to the end of the very dimly lit hall we head. Kate knocks, and motions me to stand to the side. I’m guessing that’s so I would be out of sight of the person on the other side of the peephole. The door opens, and for a minute I thought I was going to faint.

“Katherine, I thought you’d never get here.”

Katherine? KATHERINE???

From inside the doorway a little blonde wearing a man’s dress shirt and apparently nothing else starts to come out, arms outstretched and ready to give KATHERINE a hug. Just as she does, she gets a glimpse of me standing off to the side and stops dead, looking like she’s a deer caught in the headlights. Probably just like I looked as well.

“It’s okay baby,” Kate says and gives the girl a hug. The girl returns it in a half-hearted manner, looking at me with terror in her eyes. I probably look dumbfounded, or just dumb, because I am both.

“Baby, this is…” Kate or Katherine starts to say, but the girl interrupts.

“Rebecca,” she says meekly. “I know.”

“Come on in Beck,” Kate says as she nudges the girl inside and barges right in.

This girl backs her way inside her apartment, watching me all the time, acting almost like I’m going to attack her. I’m having enough trouble putting one foot in front of the other to even consider it, and am utterly confused.

It’s a very plain apartment with very little in the way of furnishings. Kate leads the parade through the living room and into the kitchen, and Kate hits the light switch around the corner without even looking, obviously the result of doing it many times before. Now we’re all visible. The girl is not a girl after all. She a woman, but there’s not much to her from what I can see. Her legs are skinny and her fingers are tiny as they peek out from the ends of the shirt sleeves.

“I’m Gaby,” she says, awkwardly sticking out a hand. It’s wet. Almost as wet as mine. We shake hands. “Gabrielle.”

“I call her Baby,” Kate proclaims. poker oyna “You can too, Becky, if you want.”

“Gabrielle – it’s a pretty name,” I finally say.

“Never thought I would actually meet you,” Gabrielle says, pawing at the floor with her bare feet. Tiny feet too. The girl is very short. Not even five foot. Her face is kinda like Jan Brady – I think that was the middle one’s name, before she got good looking. A trace of ancient acne scarring on the cheeks, blue eyes and big round glasses. Looks to be a woman closing in on 30 but looks more like 13 without trying, although with the baggy shirt I can’t really tell. Knowing Kate, I’m not surprised.

“Thought I would surprise everyone,” Kate cracks, reaching into the bag and pulling out a bottle of champagne from her bag. “Baby would never answer the door if I told her you were coming. Get us some glasses, Baby.”

Gabrielle goes to a cabinet and reaches up for the glasses, and my eyes follow, watching the shirt tail slide up to reveal skinny thighs that are screaming out for a hamburger – or maybe some pizza. Should have taken this poor thing out to eat, no matter how uncomfortable it might have been. Talk about waifs! She isn’t wearing anything underneath either. Kate seems to have this Gabrielle dressed in her choice of wardrobe.

Kate pops the cork, and starts filling the glasses. Party time! My hand is shaking so hard I have to sip it before I wear it. Gabrielle seems more nervous than me. Kate is acting like the ringmaster in this circus.

“Gotta go!” Kate proclaims, adding, “I’ll use the bathroom this time though,” with a chuckle over something I don’t understand. “You two get acquainted.”

Talk about pregnant pauses. Me and Gabrielle change nervous glances. What do I say? How are you? WHO are you?

“Betcha don’t think too much of me,” she finally says.

“I don’t think too much of me right now, to tell you the truth,” I admit. “I don’t know you or anything about you.”

“I know you – or at least I feel like I do. Katherine – she talks about you. Not a lot, but ever since I’ve known her, you know.”


“Just stuff. You’re pretty. She told me that.”

Maybe I blushed, but I’m too busy reeling.

“So you’ve known Kate a long time?”

“Seems like forever,” Gabrielle says. “Don’t know what I would do without her. Sorry.”

“It’s alright,” I say even though it isn’t. “She must really like you.”

“Not like you,” Gabrielle says. “She likes me. You she loves, I can tell. I was always jealous of you, you know? Wishing that she felt like that about me. Seems like she never mentioned me to you. I guess.”

“No she didn’t,” I admit. “I would have remembered that. I had no idea you existed. All of this is new to me.”

“I figured something was going on, because Katherine was acting a little different lately.”

“She likes you to call her Katherine?” I ask, because I thought she hated that. Then again, what do I know? Yes she does, and she likes to call Gabrielle, Baby. Katherine would probably like it if I did too. I’ll think about it, I reply but I like her real name.

“Sokay,” Gabrielle says. I think it’s a combination of the words it’s and okay. She says it with a shrug and says it often throughout the night. Everything seems to be sokay with her.

I hate this girl, yet I want to hug her. She seems so innocent and sweet and pure.


Chapter Two: Getting to know each other.

Kate comes out and grabs Gabrielle, roughly pulling her into the bathroom, and I sit at the kitchen table and stew. I want to be anywhere else than here, but I’m about 40 miles from home. I could leave and I should leave. I don’t, obviously. I sit and listen to Kate’s muffles voice talking to her little friend in the can. Kate comes out alone, and sits down at the table across from me.

“Baby will be right back,” Kate informs me. “She’s changing.”

“Into who or what?” I ask.

“Something a little more appropriate,” Kate says. “Just let go Beck. You haven’t got anything to lose.”

Besides my mind? I ask her what the deal was with the men’s shirt, and she tells me that Gabrielle gets a lot of stuff from the Salvation Army. Why?

“Because usually when I get here I just rip the clothes off of her.”


“I just tear the stuff off her back, Rip it to shreds if I have to.”

“What’s the point in that? In ruining clothes?”

“Did you ever do it?”

No, I can’t say that I did, but I guess I’ve come close to having it done to me.

“Sometime you can do it to me,” Kate says. “Then you’ll know. It’s exhilarating.”

Gabrielle emerges just before I get to tell Kate that chance might never come again after tonight. Gabrielle has taken off the men’s shirt and gotten into something a bit more provocative. It’s a little pink tummy tank top that shows off her pert little belly button. On the shirt is written in a flowing cursive – “Baby”. All of a sudden the end of the movie Citizen Kane comes to mind, in a weird Dennis Miller-ish sub-reference. It’s canlı poker oyna not all that funny now, but I wasn’t laughing then either.

I didn’t really notice a lot until reflecting on the evening later, because something else has my attention. She has nothing else on. No longer am I catching fleeting glimpses of thigh as she moves around. There she is. Naked from the belly button down.

I’ve seen lots of naked women in my life. This is the first time that I almost fainted from the sight, and I found myself hanging onto the edge of the table for dear life. I glance up at Kate who is watching me like a hawk, and when she sees my reaction, her face doesn’t mock me. It tells me that she knows full well what I’m feeling.

I am a rather petite woman, but Gabrielle was far more so, almost painfully slight. Delicate little thighs that I only notice later, but it is her little delta that catches and captures my attention. The tiny little triangle is a bright pink, in stark contrast to her pale skin everywhere else. She’s completely hairless, and her mound is prominent and her labia are astonishingly large, although that might be an optical illusion because of her tiny body. Her pussy is glistening, and she comes over and stands next to me. I keep looking at Kate for help that isn’t coming, and I can smell her cunt, a strong and musky scent that seems to be telling me that if the sight doesn’t get you…

“What do you think, Beck?” Kate asks me, and her voice cracks as she does. It feels like we’re in one of those space simulators where they increase the force of gravity and you’re pinned to the seat. I want to run. I can’t speak. I think I nodded. My heart is racing so fast I can hardly breathe. There’s a hand on my bare shoulder that makes me jump.

“Um – I’d really like to give you a massage,” Gabrielle says as she glances toward Kate, almost like she’s reading a cue card. “You could give me one too, if you want. It would be fun.”

I look up, and it takes a bit of time to get past the pouting lips of her pussy, the adorable navel, and the pointy nipples poking at the shirt front. She’s looking at me through the big glasses, and as I shake my head no, it hits me that even though Gabrielle is a sweet and innocent looking woman, I begin to suspect that perhaps she knows full well the effect she’s having on me. It’s the same effect she has had on others in the past. Kate was probably the biggest pushover she’s ever had, but I’m turning to jelly and that’s despite the fact that she’s nothing like the women I’m usually attracted to.

“Why don’t you go into the bedroom, Baby,” Kate says. “We’ll be right in.”

Gabrielle spins around and walks away but the smell of her pussy stays behind, and I notice that she has little dimples in her ass cheeks. Her butt is cute, but has red horizontal streaks across them. I finally find the strength to stand up, but my knees are wobbly. Kate comes over to steady me. She thinks I’m stoned or drunk. I’m not.

“Come on Beck,” Kate says, and starts leading me in the direction Gabrielle headed.

“Air,” I said, and went to the door.

That’s my reaction to this. I walk out of the apartment and head down the hall, with Kate in pursuit. I make it down the stairs and out into a decidedly cooler night. Kate follows and put a brick against the door to keep it open.

Thankfully she doesn’t say anything, but stands behind me and puts her arms around me. I can see her car in the parking lot. Let’s go, I think. Hop in the car and let’s go home.

I stand there shivering even though Kate is warm against me. I think we stand out there for at least 15 minutes, until my teeth start chattering.

“Feel better Beck?” Kate says.

I nod and take a deep breath, watching the fog that I exhale drift away, and let Kate lead me back inside the building. I hear the stone topple away from the door just before it clacks shut, and now I’m being led back to Gabrielle’s apartment.

Winnie the Pooh. That’s the first thing I notice when Kate brings me into Gabrielle’s bedroom. A big Winnie the Pooh lamp on the night table. A 27 year old woman with a Winnie the Pooh lamp. Pooh is posed banging a big bass drum which is the source of the light, and Pooh’s looking very happy. A modest dresser, the night table, and the bed is all there is. Very spartan surroundings even by my modest standards.

Gabrielle. She’s kneeling on the bed, smiling and waiting patiently. I’m floating over to the bed under my handler’s guidance, and Gabrielle climbs off the bed.

“Oh, you’re cold!” Gabrielle says as she comes over to me, and she rubs her hands up and down my arms. She’s not even five foot tall, I notice. I tower over her by at least 4 inches, not something I’m used to. I feel hands on the bottom of my top. Kate’s hands, I think. My arms go up and I’m blinded by the blouse going over my head.

They must have been Kate’s hands, because Gabrielle’s are on my breasts as soon as they are uncovered. Her little paws knead them as I watch my blouse sail away, and Kate is unbuttoning my skirt. I’m naked internet casino and heading for the bed.


Chapter Three: Naked.

I’m now naked and somehow I’m floating over onto the bed. Nice bed. Very soft and comfy. Did Kate buy the bed for her? Seems too nice for the surroundings. I’m laying on my stomach, and I hear clicking sounds from behind me, followed by a cool spray of lotion that gets squirted up and down my body. A Kate-directed move for sure, as she knows I love to be massaged, and now I feel her little protege’s hands gliding over the lotion.

Strawberries. Maybe strawberries and cream. Whichever, it smells very nice, and it would be easy for me to relax and imagine Kate is the one giving me the rubdown, but the hands that caress me are too little and the touch is too weak. Besides, Kate is holding my wrist and she’s kneeling beside the bed. She’s saying something. Mouthing something. No sound. I love you. I love you so much is what she’s silently saying. Maybe I love you, she is really saying. Becky, you silly old bag who is doing exactly what I want you to do once again, is much more like it. I look at her with eyes that try to communicate that if you loved me, we’d be in my bed or your bed alone together.

Despite that, Gabrielle’s hands are enthusiastically kneading my shoulders and neck, and I am gradually relaxing. At least as much as I can manage to do at this time. The hands go down my back, and my legs are eased apart as she moves over between my legs and works down my spine. How does the little lady get my legs open so easy? Don’t ask.

Gabrielle’s hands are now squeezing my butt cheeks. Am I getting soft back there? Should I ask? Who could I trust to give me a straight answer in this Fun House of Horrors? I look to Kate, who no longer is watching my face but is staring at her puppet, almost telepathically running the show. Her face lights up as I feel my cheeks spread apart. a finger glides up and down my crack, and as nice as it feels I suddenly realize that I wasn’t expecting this and usually take some extra care beforehand so that no one gets any unpleasantness. Too late. Some movement on the bed and now her hands are really prying me open, and now the wet probe I feel is not a finger.

Gabrielle must be a snake. I recoil as I feel her tongue dart inside of me, probing and searching and lashing out. I’m making noises that are unintelligible, but if they made sense they would say please don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. I start trying to lift myself up to meet her mouth, but that causes more disconnections than increased satisfaction, so I ease back down. Whatever. Just please don’t stop. Kate’s eyes meet mine, and she knows where I am right now, and seems to be enjoying it as well. Her eyes almost seem to be misty.

Gabrielle stops. I was hoping for an hour but I got a minute and a half. The hands slide down my thighs and calves. making the earlier smoothing effort worthwhile. I feel myself being coaxed over onto my back, and Gabrielle has the bottle of lotion in her hand, shaking it as her eyes seem momentarily distracted by the fur between my legs. How quaint I must seem these days, a woman not only with hair between her legs, but a real old-fashioned bush.

Gabrielle smiles at me and squirts some goo onto my tummy. Kate pulls my arms upward and holds them at the edge of the bed with one hand. Kate says something, and all of a sudden Gabrielle reaches up and takes off her glasses.

Funny what a difference a pair of glasses make. She looks older now as she tosses the eye-wear over to the far side of the bed and pulls her stringy blonde hair back over her shoulder. Her eyes are now more visible to me – blue eyes that still see things a lot differently than mine do. Kate says something else, and I feel like I’m a step behind these two, or maybe I’m not paying attention. Gabrielle silently reaches down to the bottom of her ‘Baby’ shirt, the only clothing on either of us, and with her hands crossed over each other, pulls the pink tank top over her shoulder and flips it behind her, self-consciously rubbing her front as if to spread the oil on her fingers over herself.

Her nipples. My eyes started to stray down to those beckoning pussy lips but I am distracted by the sight of Gabrielle’s nipples. They’re unreal. Not her breasts, which are only slight swells that are hardly visible. Not the aureoles, which are barely the circumference of quarters and a rose shade. Her nipples. They’re the longest and thinnest pegs I’ve ever seen. She’s starting to rub my breasts, but I can’t be bothered by that. As her hands slide up and rub the fronts of my shoulders I slip my wrists out of Kate’s grasp and lean upward, sucking on her little teats for all my might.

They’re like those thermometers that pop out of your turkey when it’s done, and I’m out of control, grabbing at her and pulling myself up to clutch at her back while my mouth sucks on each of those hard pegs as my head goes back and forth. They must be sensitive because while I take my own temperature she’s thrashing around wildly. Things get a little crazy, because while I love those nipples, it’s that pussy I want. So wet and wild looking, with her petals parted and just begging for me, I end up on top of her, and my face seems to get engulfed by her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20