Kelly and I

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This is a true story of my first serious girlfriend and I. And this is my 1st story written feel free to send me comm

Back in 2001 I finished my college Associate Degree in March for Drafting and moved 3 hours from home in an area in Washington. As my job went on I found that it wasn’t easy task to make friends either at the nearby bars or at the gym. So a quiet guy of age 21 has only one other option online personals. When I matched with Kelly I knew I had to meet her in person. After months of emails and other means of long distance communications we finally decided to meet in person in November.

Kelly at the time was 19 years old, 5′-0″ long shoulder blade Auburn red curly hair and a petite frame to boot. She only was like an A cup, and flat stomach. And I am Nick glad to meet you. Anyhow Kelly was coming up from Florida and the Greyhound and it would take her 5 days to arrive to me. When the day finally arrived I was a nervous wreck, I never done this kind of stuff before and wasn’t sure what to expect. She got off the bus and I was so blown away, it took a second to catch my breath. I think I made a comment on how short she was and the lack of suitcases she brought with her.

To start the time together I took her to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant chatted some and had a nice dinner. Later she tells me I was so shy and stuttering my words. Like I said I was new to this.

After dinner we ended up at my apartment, where I dropped her stuff off in my bedroom. I came into my living room where I kissed her deeply. She asked if this is my 1st time with a woman, was I that transparent on my eagerness. Anyhow she said I have this piano music on CD that might make things more romantic for your first time and for me. So I put in the CD and walked back to her. Here she was standing by a wall in a stripped t-shirt and orange shorts, hair tousled and damn she looked cute. I kissed her again this time her and I slipped tongues in each other’s mouth. I was getting harder canlı bahis by the second.

“Kiss and lick my neck” she blurts out.

So eager as I was I moved from her lips to her chin, then down to her neck, leaving a trail of my tongue and lips. I was shacking with nerves again. She grabs my hands onto her left boob and I went right away at messaging it and feeling the nipples.

I slipped a hand of mine under the hem of her shirt where I slowly slid the shirt upwards. Once I saw her stomach come into view I leaned over and kissed her tummy and moved my face upwards to her braless boobs. Here I saw the nicest round firm boobs ever. I latched on her eraser like nipples nibbling and licking all over one boob then the next one.

I asked her to remove her shirt and shorts. She tossed her shirt off faster then I blinked and slowly moved her shorts down her nice shapely legs. I took my clothes off as well, my hands were all shaking and I couldn’t stop it. She told me to relax some. She was fully naked before me and I kiss her again my arms around her back and I turn her around and slowly and we slowly end up going to the floor.

I sat on my knees looking her over and seeing her bald puffy pussy lips drove me crazy. I went head first licking what I could of her. (Not bad for a rookie). She had no funky taste as I so heard women sometimes do.

“Hey Kelly do we need to use a condom for tonight. ” I asked unsure what to do next.

“Yes and I have some for your use.” She replies back to me.

Amazingly all 7 inches of me is still hard what seemed like ages ago when we came back to my place.

I tried slowly to insert my dick in her pussy but for some reason I had a hard time inserting myself in her. I wasn’t sure if she was tight or I just too big for her. We tried many moves her on the bottom her angled on top of me trying to guide my hard dick into her waiting pussy. Finally after like 30 minutes of this we decided to stop for now. I put on my pjs as she bahis siteleri did herself and gotten ready for bed.

Since I just had a twin size bed I figured we could curl up on my futon couch. During that night she would bump my arm with her nice round ass and it would actually vibrate. I rolled so I can put my arms around her and lay with my chest faced her back. Testing her while she slept I moved my hips into her ass, she would unknowingly shack her ass back into my crotch. I was so hard and horny from her actions that night trying to sleep, when she did finally wake up, I immediately French kissed her hard.

“Good morning to you too Nick.” She said with a grin on her face.

I roll her on top of me where I continued to kiss her I moved my right hand along her back into her pj short bottoms. Here I moved my hand around her ass till I found her pussy opening. I inserted 2 fingers in her and moved my hand in and out of her. The juices from her cunt were flowing within a minute of me doing this. After a short time I do believe she came and moaned a little.

We roll over again and I was on top I pulled off my pajamas and was like okay I am going to fuck you. No more feeling like I can’t do it.

“Do we need a condom or am I good”

“I am on the debout shot so no your fine without a condom.” She said gasping for air.

I line up my now hard dick to her opening and remembering from last night I grabbed a hold of the futon arm rest and pulled myself into her warm eager pussy. I couldn’t believe this a few days ago I was a lonely horny virgin, and now I am fucking a hot equally horny girl.

As I moved myself back and forth I started to pick up speed all the time looking at her shirt pulled up to her exposed boobs and on occasion kissing her lips. I think I only made it like 5 minutes before I said I was going to cum. She was Cumming like a river as it was.

Then it happened I came so hard I actually saw stars in my eyes. I collapsed on top of bahis şirketleri her sweaty and a big smile on my face. She and I kissed again she got up to clean herself up and I watched her nice back and her round butt walk away from me.

Later that week we were laying in my bed talking when I had a funny idea in my head I said I want to jerk off for you. So I pulled my sweats down and starting to stroke myself. Her eyes were glued to my cock as I moved my hand up and down my shaft. I came like the other night and she came as I did rubbing her crotch on my leg.

She and I ended that week with her going back to Florida to work out with an ex boyfriend. I was sad but I was happy to meet her. Then a year later I was lonely again and was like I wonder what Kelly is up to.

She was so happy to hear from me and said she is no longer with that guy she left me with and would love to see me again. This time she flew in and stayed with me for 2 months. Her boobs gotten to a 34B still nice round and firm. I loved when she fucked me on top so I can suck on her deliousis tits. And she sucked my dick one night; wow feeling her teeth on my shaft was heaven.

Since then we stayed in touch like best friends. Over the next 10 years her and me would write a letter or call each other up. She is one of the few people I could be so open with and tells anything to her. She moved around some and I finally moved back home to start a new career. I dated my second serious girlfriend for since 2006, but that one hated me talking to Kelly.

She hides her letters, deletes her online accounts and erased her number a few times. I kept telling the new girlfriend Kelly and I are just friends now. This went on for 2.5 years till this December when I finally broke it off with her.

I told Kelly all this and she and I started to talk again. She recently is engaged to some great guy and sent me a picture for me. She says her boobs are now a 34C and wow do they look nice. I can image me titty fucking her.

They say you never forget your first time. And late at night I sometimes jerk off thinking of her nice boobs or the sexual activities we did do. I hope the next girlfriend is as great as this one has been to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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