Kristy and Louise: Serial Virgins

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Christina lost her hymen to the bar of her brother’s bicycle when she was thirteen. Therefore as she matured, keeping her hymen intact was never an issue for her. The boy next door, with whom she had often played as a child, had grown into a handsome young man. Christina had waged a campaign of getting him interested in her.

Christina tried several things. She arranged to get included when Bob’s family took an excursion to the beach. She had bought the skimpiest bikini she could find for the occasion. The top barely contained her boobs, and it looked constantly as if they were about to fall out. Christina had deliberately bought a top that was one or two sizes too small.

When she changed into her suit at the beach, she walked away from the family with Bob, and then she asked him to turn around, to give her modesty. She took off her blouse and skirt, and she asked Bob to hold them so that they would not get sandy. He turned to face her to grab them while she was removing her bra.

“Here Bob, take my bra, too,” she said, while facing him, showing off her boobs. Bob blushed and Kristy saw he got an instant erection, judging from the growth of a certain area of his swim trunks. Kristy smiled. “Wait just a minute. Let me give you my panties,” she said, slowly lowering her panties, teasing Bob mercilessly as more and more of her was revealed until suddenly she was naked. Christina dramatically lifted her leg much too high, ostensibly in order to remove her panties, but in reality to flash Bob a great unobstructed view of her virgin pussy.

Bob reached out and touched Christina’s naked body, giving her boobs a quick fondle and tweaking her nipples. Christina groaned softly, but quickly said, “No touching, Bob. Let me get my suit on.” Bob quickly withdrew his hands.

Christina had succeeded brilliantly to arouse Bob’s interest, which truth be told was already there. But she continued. A few days later, when it was a hot day, she came next door wearing short shorts with no panties, a T shirt with no bra, and she asked Bob if he wanted to run through the sprinkler with her, the way they did when they were little. Ten minutes later Kristy (her nickname) was sporting the sexiest wet T shirt imaginable and Bob was practically drooling over the sight.

Kristy’s short shorts had also been carefully chosen to be sort of see-through when wet, and Kristy made sure they got soaked. Her pussy and her camel toe were clearly discernible through her soaking wet short shorts. Bob was losing it, looking at his sexy neighbor.

Kristy raised the stakes when her parents left for the weekend, leaving her alone in the house. She invited Bob, her best friend Louise, and two other guys over. She and Louise cooked the dinner for the boys, plying them with wine despite that they were only just 18. The two girls manipulated things so that the five of them ended up playing strip poker. Kristy arranged to lose spectacularly, and she was buck naked while the others still had on their underwear.

Kristy then kissed each of the three boys, letting their hands roam freely, saving Bob for last. Bob got to feel up her boobs, caress her ass, and in general he got very interested in his girl next door. At one point Kristy lay on the ground. Bob gently spread her legs, and he fondled a girl’s pussy for the first time. It was not just any girl’s pussy, either, it was the pussy of his own girl next door! Kristy moaned in response, closely observed by Louise and the other two boys. She was highly turned on.

A few weeks after the strip poker game Bob was the first young man Kristy let enjoy the pleasures of her flesh. He was excited to be taking her virginity!

“I don’t understand why you are so excited,” Christina had said, somewhat disingenuously. “Aren’t you too a virgin?”

“Yes, I am. You know, of course, for a boy it’s nothing to be proud of, but for a girl it’s very special. You will give away your virginity only once in your life, and it is exciting you chose to give it to me! I am truly honored, Christina,” Bob said.

“Well, don’t be. I wanted you to be the first. I want it to be you because I love you, Bob,” Christina lied.

“I love you too,” Bob said truthfully. “What about getting pregnant? Are you on the pill?”

“Yes,” Christina lied, again. She really wanted to have sex with Bob, and nothing was going to stop her! She could go to a doctor and get on the pill tomorrow.

The two young lovers were parked in a remote corner of the local shopping mall. It was 11:30PM and most of the shops were closed. The last movies were letting out, and soon they would be alone without fear of discovery. Christina already had some fear of discovery, because Bob had removed all her clothes, save her panties, and he was having a grand old time enjoying her boobs.

Bob felt Christina had the best boobs in the high school. This was debatable, of course, as taste varies widely, even among teenage boys. One thing they all agreed upon, of course, was that whatever the size or shape of illegal bahis a girl’s boobs, whatever properties of the nipples or areolas, it was boobs that were bare, that were revealed naked to the boy’s eyes, that were the best. Christina was pretending she was shy, but Bob felt aglow with machismo since she had agreed to let him have her, to let him take her virginity.

He had told a few friends he was going to get laid for the very first time, that very night. He had not told his friends where they would do the deed, but Kyle knew Bob liked to make out with girls after the shops closed, and after the movies had let out, in a remote corner of the mall parking lot. He was a creature of habit.

There was one corner of the huge parking lot which the security lights left in the dark. Kyle wore all black, applied black face paint, and brought his night vision binoculars. He found Bob’s car and its placement was perfect for his purposes.

Kyle climbed up the little hill at the edge of the parking lot, and he lay down in a decent imitation of a sniper’s position. He focused his night vision binoculars on Bob’s car. The first thing he noticed was Christina’s snow-white skin and her luscious, naked breasts. She had large pink areolas and bright red nipples. Oh God, was she fine! Bob was such a lucky guy. Tonight, she was going to let him take her cherry!

Kyle saw Christina’s head disappear from view. Her shoulders seemed to be moving up and down. OMG was she giving Bob a blowjob? Christina knew that if it were a boy’s first time in her pussy, he would shoot his load quickly. All her girlfriends had warned her of that. She knew it was wise to blow him first.

This was also going to be her first blowjob. The blowjob was easy, and Bob blew his load in less than five minutes. Kyle saw Christina sit back up. She opened her mouth to show Bob all his cum, unknowingly also showing it to Kyle, and then she dramatically swallowed. After she swallowed, she forced herself to smile, and she lied, saying, “yum.” Kyle could not hear the yum, but he had already seen and experienced enough to be thrilled beyond belief. His own cock was now painfully hard.

Only minutes later Bob himself was rock hard again, ready for the main event. He had just received his first ever blowjob, and now he was going to fuck the prettiest girl in the school. Well, maybe not everyone thought she was the prettiest girl in the school, but right then, Bob surely did.

Christina surprised Bob when she said, “It’s cramped in your tiny car. How about we do it outside, with me leaning on the car?”

Bob had not seen this coming and he was shocked. What if they were caught? Wasn’t Christina worried? They would be much more exposed outside the car. Well, if she could be naked in the mall parking lot, having sex, so could he, right? Kyle was shocked when suddenly the car’s dome light went on, the door opened, and there was Christina, almost naked, wearing only her panties. Bob quickly followed her out, and he was completely naked, sporting a raging erection.

Louise was not surprised, because Christina and she had choreographed the entire evening. It was following the plan perfectly. Louise was sitting in the only other car in the parking lot, about 60 yards away. She too was sporting night vision binoculars. She was smiling, and while focusing the binoculars, she happened to move them and saw a man on the little hill, also using night vision binoculars. That had to be Bob’s friend Kyle. He was the only person she knew, besides herself, who had night vision binoculars. She smiled. She did not know what a voyeur he was.

Christina leaned against the hood of Bob’s car. Bob slowly pulled down her panties, revealing the sacred part of her body. He had seen Christina’s pussy before, briefly on the beach, and in the strip poker game, and he had been obsessed about seeing it again! Christina spread her legs for him. “Go easy, Bob. You’ll be the first, you know.”

Christina need not have worried. Bob’s cock could not find her entrance. He was fumbling around. Christina felt like laughing, but she did not. She took his cock in her hand, enjoying how warm and hard it was, and she guided it in. She felt as if her hand was a tractor beam from a Star Trek TV rerun, pulling Bob’s cock into the space ship. Christina’s pussy was soaking wet, waiting with the anticipation only a virgin could have, waiting for the grand deflowering.

As Bob entered the willing virgin, Christina called out, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Bob, you feel so good inside me!” Louise smiled. That was exactly as they had rehearsed. Good for little Kristy, Louise thought, using her nickname for Christina. She kept her head and kept to the script. Bob began to pump, and Christina began to toss her head about, overcome with the joy of not only giving herself to a man for the first time, but giving it to the boy she loved, and who loved her.

She had never felt this way before. It was wonderful. No wonder everyone was obsessed with sex. My God, this was fantastic! illegal bahis siteleri Louise had not told her to do this, but intuitively Kristy wrapped her legs around Bob as he fucked her. She pulled his cock deeper inside her. She could not get enough.

Having just cum in Kristy’s mouth, Bob had some staying power. He did not have enough, but he had some. Christina came close to having an orgasm, but as she felt it build, Bob lost it and shot his load deep inside her. They kissed, Bob tasting remnants of his salty cum residually clinging to Christina’s lips, and Christina ran her delicate little hands all over his back.

Christina was a slight little thing, but perfectly proportioned. She had a youthful face, and although she had recently turned 18, she could pass for a girl of 16 or even 15 years old. She had the dirty mind of an 18-year-old girl obsessed with sex, but with it she had the face of an innocent young adolescent. She could have posed for child pornography, had she not been raised to be a nice, middle class girl.

The two lovebirds talked to each other, both standing naked, outside Bob’s car, in the deserted parking lot. Kyle remained at his perfectly hidden perch, studying these great views of Christina’s naked, just fucked body. Eventually the two of them got dressed, kissed some more, and drove away together in Bob’s car. Christina would make it home just before her curfew. The next day was Sunday, and she had to get up early for church.

The show was over, and Kyle got up to leave. He removed his night vision binoculars and turning, he saw Louise, also dressed in black, standing in front of him. “Did you enjoy your peeping, Kyle?” she asked. Kyle knew Louise was Christina’s, or Kristy’s if you will, best friend. “Maybe you should change your name to Tom? Peeping Tom has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? It’s so much better than Peeping Kyle.”

Kyle knew he was in trouble. Louise would tell Kristy, and she would tell Bob, and Bob would come over brandishing his father’s gun. Not good. Louise knew exactly what Kyle was thinking, of course, and she said, “Show me your hard-on, and I won’t tell.”

This surprised Kyle, but he was the kind of guy who was quick on his feet. He said, “Thanks, Louise. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

“Girls don’t get hard-ons, Kyle,” Louise said, giggling.

“How about we both just strip off our clothes for each other?” Kyle said. Louise was not the little beauty that Kristy was. She had a little facial acne, smallish breasts, and a runner’s hips, but Kyle was only 18, and any nice looking naked girl was a wonderful looking naked girl, and that was more than enough!

“Will you kiss me, Kyle, if I strip for you?” Louise asked. She knew she was taking a risk, but only one boy had ever kissed her, and she so longed to be kissed!

The one boy who had kissed her had also stolen her virginity, but nobody knew that. She was on a vacation in the Caribbean with her parents over Spring Break, and she was given a free afternoon. She was ripe for the plucking, and she had found a handsome boy also on vacation. They found a quiet place to make-out, and Louise was thrilled to be kissed for the first time.

The thrills continued, as the boy wanted to remove her blouse and bra, and Louise, previously always ignored by boys, let him have free reign over her body. The boy took it, and after he had enjoyed her body above the waist for quite a while, he took the chance to try to remove her clothes below the waist.

Louise decided to throw caution to the winds. She was out of time, out of space, on vacation on a foreign island, and nobody would ever know. After an initial reluctance, mostly for the sake of decorum, she mentally surrendered herself to him. He did not know it, but he could do with her whatever he wanted. The boy found out, however, little by little, that Louise had suppressed her brakes, and he went as far as he could. He got her stark naked, his fingers danced around her pussy, and when his finger entered that tight little slit, Louise groaned softly with pleasure.

The boy smiled. He kissed her while he fingered her, and in only a few minutes Louise had her first orgasm given to her by another person. He undressed, and Louise lay there, waiting patiently. “You’re going to be my first,” Louise said.

“You mean you’re a virgin?” the boy asked, incredulous. How could a virgin be so easy, so very easy?

“Yes. Nobody has ever been inside me before. I’m a little nervous, to be honest,” Louise said. Louise was rarely honest; she was not nervous at all. She just felt as though she should be.

“I’ll be gentle,” the boy said. The boy was experienced, and he entered her gently and as an extra bonus, he entered her lovingly. His cock found her hymen, and he pushed right on through it. Louise said “Oh!” when it broke, but shortly after she began to moan softly in pleasure. The boy was thrilled. He had never laid a virgin before.

Louise was a moaner, and the boy was worried they canlı bahis siteleri would be discovered as she moaned louder and louder. Louise saw a man watching them, drawn by her moans, and she winked at him as the boy ploughed away. She even upped the volume of her moans for his benefit. Unexpectedly, Louise felt that having a voyeur really turned her on!

Louise told nobody, absolutely nobody, what had happened. She did write it all down in her diary, and that was locked away in an encrypted file on her computer. She had given the boy, Tony Lorenzo, a false name, a false address, and she had lied by telling him her parents had not allowed her to be on Facebook. Tony tried to find her, once they were both back in the States, but he quickly got frustrated. Once he was home, he went after girls in his own high school. He eventually laid one of the girls at his own high school, and then Louise became just a fond memory, a memory of triumph. Louise was a conquest he would never forget. Boys always remember the virgins they lay.

Kyle’s voice woke Louise from her reverie.

“I’ll do more than that, honey,” Kyle said. The idea of enjoying Louise’s body was turning Kyle on something fierce. Louise smiled at Kyle as little by little she began to undress. She teased him every step of the way. By the time she was down to her underwear, he was ready to throw her on the ground and have his way with her.

Standing in front of Kyle in only her bra and panties, Louise said, “I thought the deal was that we would both undress?”

Kyle had forgot, he was so mesmerized watching Louise undress. He quickly stripped down to his briefs, not bothering seductively to tease Louise as she had done for him. Louise was neither surprised by that, nor was she disappointed. Kyle had a nice six pack, and muscular legs, and a hairy chest. She liked what she saw, especially the tent in his briefs.

“Is that for Kristy, or is it for me, Kyle?” she asked, looking straight at the tent in his briefs. She knew full well it was for her. Kyle did not answer, he only came over to her, gently taking her nervous head between his hands. He leaned into her and he gave her a tender, loving kiss.

Louise melted. She absolutely loved her first romantic kiss ever from a boy, other than the secret ones from Tony. The two teenagers stood there, on the dark hill overlooking the mall parking lot, kissing.

When the kissing finally broke, Kyle said to a flushed Louise, “You were going to strip all the way, remember?”

Louise smiled a mischievous smile, and she said, “Maybe you could help me with the bra and panties?” Kyle gave her an even bigger smile and asked her to turn around. She did, and he unhooked her bra, sliding it down and off her arms. Kyle could not see Louise smiling to herself, as Kyle’s hands went to her boobs, and immediately began playing with her nipples. His touch was welcome for the much-neglected Louise.

A handsome boy from her own high school was finally paying her some attention. She had enjoyed Tony, but he was simply a horny young guy on vacation, and she was a girl his age ready to give him sex. He had used her, and in return, she had used him. This, she thought, was different.

“Need any help with your briefs, big boy?” Louise said, more than ready to see Kyle’s nice hard cock, especially since it was hard for her.

“Yes,” came the reply. Kyle was smiling, ear to ear.

Louise got on her knees in front of Kyle and lovingly lowered his briefs, dramatically pulling them out from his body so that that they cleared his rather large erection. “I wonder how you taste?” Louise thought to herself, not realizing she had said it aloud.

“I know how you can find out,” Kyle replied, and he jerked his cock a bit, so that it danced in front of Louise’s face. Louise blushed with embarrassment, realizing her mistake of speaking her private thoughts aloud.

“I think this is enough for tonight,” Louise said. She had planned for none of this, and Louise liked to have everything planned.

“You can’t leave me like this!” Kyle said.

“I’ve never done it before,” Louise said.

“I don’t think it’s hard to do. Why don’t you learn on me, right now? You like learning, and having knowledge, don’t you?” Kyle knew that Louise was in the honor society at school.

Louise licked Kyle’s cock. It tasted good. She continued, and soon she had taken it into her mouth. Considering her inexperience, she gave him an excellent blowjob. She was surprised when he exploded into her mouth, and she turned her head and spit out his cum. He did not care; a girl had just given him his first ever blowjob, and he was thrilled.

“Now I’d like to see your pussy, Louise,” Kyle said, as he moved to pull down her panties. Alarmed, Louise held them in place.

“Next time,” she said, almost breathlessly.

“When is next time?” he asked.

Louise smiled. A man was interested in her for the first time. She suspected he just wanted to use her for sex, but she was fine with that. She wanted to use him the same way. “Next time is whenever you want to ask me out, silly,” Louise said, using her most coquettish voice. “Maybe if you’re lucky, you can deflower your own virgin, you sexy man. Bring a condom.”

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