Lesbians Wrestle with New Business

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It would be helpful to you please reader if you initially read the first part of this story “Lesbian Wrestles With Her Conscience”.

Rejecting wrestling brought Jess and Sweet together. The love they had never quite admitted to each other was set free.

They rented a flat together, and spent a week fucking each other, so afraid that this bliss would be taken away.

But their confidence grew, the love deepened. They explored each other’s mind and learnt so much more about each other. The more they learned, the deeper the love grew.

Then Sweet, she had accepted the name as Jess loved it, had an idea to put food on the table, and keep paying the rent. She flicked her now long blonde hair aside, as she always did before saying something that mattered to her, and in the way Jess loved, and cleared her throat. Jess smiled at her, and looked the question, “What are you going to say.”

“Well,” Sweet pouted a little, always turned on by her friend’s smile, “We don’t do wrestling anymore; we have no qualifications or other work experience: but we do know about sex in great detail. We not only enjoy each other, but sometimes bring a man or woman back and enjoy them together. There are though, a lot of people out there who want to have a great sex life, but inhibitions and lack of sexual experience prevents them.”

“True,” Jess reflected, “but what can we do about it.”

“Teach them, Jess.

When Sweet had an idea, there was no stopping her, and the two women worked out a business plan. They had some money from the pay-off from the wrestling company. At first there had been no money from that quarter, but then Sweet had suggested the company that she and Jess could let the World know that most fights are fixed, and that medical help with injuries was basic, to say the least.

Sweet went for a shower, and Jess smiled to herself. My lover is such an astute business woman she thought, but as Sweet started singing, Jess went around checking no mirrors casino oyna or windows had shattered. Jess thought Sweet was the worst singer ever, and told the worst jokes ever. Jess would not change anything about her, though; even loving her off key singing and terrible jokes.

Jess decided to surprise her love when she came out of the shower. She stripped naked. She stood facing the bathroom door, hands on hips, tall, muscled with hair down to the start of her cleavage. Her tits not huge, but proudly pointing forward, nipples erect. It was the posture she used to take to intimidate an opponent, but now it was purely to turn Sweet on.

Sweet came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, but in front of Jess brazenly let fall of her magnificent body. The blonde hair was much longer now, down her back, her figure fuller than when she wrestled. Jess gulped, this woman was sexier than ever, she felt herself shaking with total love, and raw lust. Sweet colored, her breathing deep and labored.

The blonde woman walked over to Jess, took her in her arms and kissed her passionately. They sank to the floor, hugging each other with desperate love.

Jess started crying. “I almost lost you,” she sobbed.

“But you didn’t and you never will.” Sweet soothed, kissing away the tears. “Everything is OK, what happened brought us together, we went from friends to lovers. And anyway it is good to retire, because I was too strong for you.”

With that Sweet wriggled away, and made a show of running away.

“Oh yes”, laughed Jess. “I could still hold you down”

“Only if you catch me!” giggled Sweet.

Jess smiled. Sweet’s efforts to evade her were worse than her singing!

Soon the “battle” was joined in a frantic 69, both women teasing, licking, gently biting each other’s clits; then rubbing lovingly, while putting their tongues deep inside their pussies. Jess came first, shouting “I love you” deep into Sweet’s cunt. The younger woman on hearing that was hit by a fantastic canlı casino orgasm. They kissed for what seemed like forever after that: In complete harmony with each other.

The business started slowly, but Sweet managed it skillfully, so from the beginning it was profitable. The customer numbers grew, helped by glowing recommendations. Some customers just wanted advice, some a little practical guidance. They had couples singles, all genders and sexual preferences, even a tree way partnership.

However some wanted full sexual release and fulfillment, and the former fighters were happy to oblige.

The both felt for Sue. She was in her early, a lesbian widow of then years. The woman in her like had died in a car crash. It had crushed the joy of living out of Sue, and she had lived from day to day, just wishing to go back to the past, and the love of her life. However she now thought to live again m, and to enjoy her sexuality would not be a betrayal. It was much harder though to open up emotionally.

Jess and Sweet at the first session concentrated on letting her explore their bodies, and they hers’. There was no sex as such, just sensory healing, getting used again to the touch and warmth of another woman.

Following this Sue had to watch, fully clothed, as Jess and Sweet made passionate love in front of her. They then let her have a week of that playing on her mind, growing in her imagination. As a result when Sue returned for the next appointment her nipples were hard, her pussy moist.

Sweet ordered Sue to take all her clothes off and wait on the bed, warning her not to touch herself. She only broke the instruction slightly, so that when Jess and Sweet walked in so confidently and so naked, Sue was screaming inside with lust.

The former wrestlers fell on her toying, rubbing, licking and softly biting her nipples. Then taking turns to torment and tease her pussy and clit, while the other kissed the client on the mouth, tongues battling. Each time Jess and kaçak casino Sweet exchanged places Sue got a fresh taste of her own pussy. All of Sue’s inhibitions fell way, she felt herself on a massive exhilarating wave of emotion and lust.

“Oh God, suck me you beautiful bitches, you angels, you sexy fucking…………”

Sue shouted out her release as Jess continued to lick and rub the sodden pussy. Sweet and Sue were kissing passionately.

After Sue left, Jess and Sweet brought each other to a frenzied climax in a writhing 69. As they kissed both could taste the juices of three women.

Steve was a difficult customer. Painfully shy and lacking in confidence. It took several weeks before he had his first orgasm with them; wanking onto the two women as Jess fucked Sweet with a strap on dildo. This was a big moment for both women, to do this publicly. It was only a week after Sweet had persuaded Jess to fuck her with a strap on. Although, Jess was happy to be fucked by Sweet, memories of their wrestling days made Jess tearful and very reluctant to fuck Sweet. Finally persistence paid off, both women finding great release and massive tenderness, as Jess ploughed happily into the ecstatic Sweet.

Steve was very hard for the start of the next session; both women tasted his cock, their nude bodies firing his lust. Finally he put his throbbing cock between Jess’s tits and fucked in the warm tight channel. His spunk covered the dark haired woman’s face; only for Sweet to click her all clean.

As they kissed and tasted the hot sperm together Jess thought deeply about what Sweet had suggested.

“I think you are right Sweet, I think we will hire a man in good health to make you pregnant. I really want to be there to protect and support you and our baby. After all that other pair of former wrestlers from our old company have offered us a price for the business that means we will never have to worry about money again.”

“Jess, you have made me so happy, it will be our baby always, the guy is just to get you pregnant, just a paid sperm machine. “

Sweet thought for a second, “You know lesbian loving is way better than lesbian fighting.”

Jess agreed with that completely.

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