Love Lost And Found Anew

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The hazy dim interior of the bar was foreign territory to the young brown-haired woman. Why was she here? It wasn’t like her to visit the bars, let alone a dyke bar. All around her women of all sorts jostled and gyrated on the dance floor. The music, a wild rock beat, made the whole place vibrate. She sat, broodily meditating her drink. She just wanted to forget the pain in her head and in her heart.

Lost in her own pain and thoughts she didn’t notice one particular woman watching her. The bouncer for the club, a tall, well muscled woman, with raven black hair and deep brown eyes, couldn’t stop staring at the petite brunette with the ocean blue eyes.

Several times different women offered to buy the young woman a drink, but she declined the offers one and all. She wasn’t interested in meeting a woman, she just wanted to get drunk and forget.

Earlier that evening, she had gotten into a huge fight with her boyfriend of two years. She wanted commitment, he wasn’t ready he said. They had fought and it ended up with her telling him it was over and storming away.

Now she was here, in this bar, just trying to erase the last two years of her life and forget, if only for a moment that she was now single again. She didn’t like it. She didn’t do well on her own.

After her third scotch on the rocks, she was starting to feel good. Beginning to forget. Beginning to look around her and notice the women on the dance floor. She couldn’t help but notice the tall, dark haired woman with the rock hard body standing by the door, checking ID’s.

Was she being watched? Was the tall woman with the soul piercing brown eyes watching her? She licked her lips in unconscious thought of how the dark woman’s body would feel pressed tightly to hers. Wait a minute! She wasn’t a lesbian! She had never thought of making love to a woman before. Why now? Surly the alcohol had some part in it. It had to be that, she reasoned.

Try as she would, she couldn’t help the thoughts that flooded her mind. She continued looking at the enticing, hard body by the door, letting her mind wander.

She was surprised, when a large inebriated butch sat down beside of her.

“Lemme buy ya a drink, baby.” The drunken woman said

“No thanks, I have one.” Came the reply

“Awww, c’mon sweetie, you wanna go some place and get better acquainted?” the drunk said as she started mauling the young brown-haired woman’s tits through her shirt.

“No! Get away from me!” The brown-haired woman spat, and tried to fight the drunk off of her.

They struggled. The young woman was beginning to lose the battle, when suddenly; the drunken woman just seemed to melt off of her.

“Now, Candy” the bouncer said to the big drunk, “you aught to know that when a lady says no, she means no. Now get on home before I have to toss you out!” this last statement was emphasized by another twist to the arm that was already held high behind the drunks back.

“Owwww! Ok Teri! I’m going! Just thought the little lady needed some company is all.” Candy said, slumping back as the pressure on her arm was released. A moment later the big butch was lurching for the door.

” I.. I don’t know how to thank you.” The brown-haired woman stammered as she looked into the deepest eyes she had ever seen. Did she see hunger in those eyes? Or was it just her imagination?

No problem, miss….err miss?” Teri didn’t even know her name.

“Ohhh, sorry, my name is Bri. And you are?”

“Teri” the bouncer said with a quick smile.

Bri thought ‘ what a gorgeous voice she has’ “Hi Teri, and thanks for getting that drunk off of me”

“Again, no problem Bri, it’s my job after all.” Teri looked into those bright, open, ocean blue eyes and was immediately lost.

How could just a look have her so rattled? True, she hadn’t been with anyone for over three years since she and her partner had called it quits, but never before had any one held her thoughts like this tiny brown haired, blue eyed beauty did. She took a deep breath and said ” Would you like another drink?”

“Yes I think I would” Bri said “but only if you will have one with me.” My Gods! Had she just invited this butch to have a drink with her? What was she thinking? Again the black cloud of guilt puffed up. Why was she getting so turned on by this woman? She was straight! However, she could not deny the tingle in her pussy. It was subtle but there.

Before Bri could change her mind, Teri said, “I get off work in half an hour, if you are still here, I’d be happy to have a drink with you.” Teri was giving her an escape route. Had she seen the fright in Bri’s eyes? Could she sense the brunette’s apprehension?

“Ok, I’d like that.” Bri said with a smile. “I’ll be right here.” What was she saying? Was she giving the dark eyed woman an invitation to more than just a drink?

Half an hour later, Bri was slightly surprised as Teri walked up, a scotch on the rocks in one hand and a Coor’s in the other. She sat casino oyna down at the small table across from Bri and again looked into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. She slid the scotch across the table to Bri and took a long pull from her beer.

“How come you are here?” Teri asked in her beautiful contralto voice. “You don’t belong here, you know.”

Bri blushed. Was it that obvious that she was not a lesbian? “Wh…why do say that?” she stuttered.

“You are too pretty to be spending your Friday nights alone in a dyke bar.” came the reply.

Bri blushed deep crimson and dropped her eyes to her drink. She had not expected that. She had thought Teri would tell her it wasn’t good for a straight woman to be alone in a dyke bar.

“Thanks…ummm, thanks..” it was all she could think to say. She looked up and directly into those deep soul searing dark eyes. Again she flushed, but not from embarrassment. The tingle between her legs said that this hard bodied woman was getting to her, turning her on…she didn’t know how to react to that.

“So, why are you here tonight?” the question Teri put to her was so sincere that before she knew it, she was pouring her heart out to this perfect stranger. How she and her ex had fought, and how she had finally told him to go to hell because he would never be able to commit to her.. how she had come to this bar because it was close to her apartment just to get drunk and forget. She ended her story in tears, mainly because she again realized she had no one waiting for her at home now, her ex-boyfriend had promised to be packed and gone by the time she came home.

She felt a strong arm slip around her shoulder and all she could do was to bury her face in the shoulder of the dark woman and sob.

Teri held her as she cried, not knowing what else to do but strangely not feeling a bit uncomfortable doing it either. Normally she would feel ill at ease with such an emotional display, but she felt like she was where she belonged, just holding the tiny sobbing woman.

Slowly, Bri came to realize where she was and what she was doing. She sat up and sniffed…”I’m sorry” she said “You didn’t need that.” She smiled sheepishly.

Teri’s hand came up and brushed a stray tear from Bri’s face, again looking into those beautiful blue eyes, now rimmed in red from crying. “Don’t worry about it, we’ve all been through things like that in one form or another.” She thought briefly back to her own harsh breakup three years earlier, but quickly swept those memories back into the recesses of her mind. Her grip on the brunette’s shoulders tightened in a friendly hug. Teri had been trying to ignore the feelings that holding Bri had brought to the surface. It had been so long since she had held a woman like this. Suddenly, she pushed away from the brunette and said” Hey, it’s getting late. Would you like a ride home?”

Bri thought about it, it was only a few blocks to her apartment building. She could walk it easily. But what if she got there and Tom was still there? She didn’t want to think about that. She didn’t want to face him again. It was over and she never wanted to see him again. ” I would love a ride home.” She said

“Ok, let’s blow this place.” Teri said standing tall and holding out a hand to the tiny brunette.

Bri stood, and realized for the first time just how tall the black haired beauty was. Bri stood barely five foot, and Teri towered over her, big and powerfully built. The look of a weight lifter or body builder about her. A tiny gasp escaped Bri’s lips.

“What is it? Are you ok?” Teri had heard the gasp and thought that maybe the tiny woman was hurt.

“I’m fine. I just got the full picture of my savior. I didn’t quite realize you were so tall and so strong.” Bri said, blushing furiously again.

Teri smiled, she knew she had that effect on people that didn’t know her. She took pride in her hard, muscular body and the hard work and long days it took to make it that way.

They walked out to the parking lot, now mostly deserted as closing time was near for the bar. Bri started looking for a car that fit her escort, and was surprised when Teri led them past all the cars to a side lot where a sleek black Harley Super glide sat waiting. She unsnapped the helmet from its holder on the bike, and then reached into the saddlebag and extracted a spare helmet. Handing the helmet to Bri, she asked, “Have you ever ridden a bike before?”

Bri’s eyes had been growing wider by the second as she realized she would soon be flying down the road on the back of this monster on two wheels. Slowly she shook her head. “Ummmm, maybe I should just walk…” she said, apprehensive about getting on the big machine.

“Nonsense, you will be fine, I won’t let you fall. Trust me.” Teri said

Trust? She had trusted Tom and he had hurt her, now here was a woman telling her to trust again. What was she thinking? So much had happened in the space of a few hours that she didn’t know canlı casino what to think anymore. Slowly she held out her hand for the helmet in Teri’s grasp. Taking it from her she slipped it on and snapped the strap in place.

Teri swung easily onto the big black machine and said, “Climb on behind me. Wrap your hands around me and hold on. Don’t lean into the corners or we both go down.” She keyed the beast to life.. the deep rumble of the Harley’s engine a comfort to her. She had covered many miles on the big machine, before settling in the little Nevada town of Ely. A perfect place she had thought to get away from her past and forget. Now here she was, with a new passenger on her bike. Would she never learn these pretty girls just couldn’t handle her? Pushing the thoughts away, she rolled the bike off its stand and felt the arms around her waist tighten into a death grip. She reached down and patted those hands reassuringly and turned the bike around, heading it for the road. As she rolled to a stop before the open highway, she turned to her rider and said, “You know, it might be a good idea if I knew where I was taking you.”

Bri had totally forgot! Quickly she gave the tall woman her address and then settled back onto the seat just as the bike roared to life.

The feeling of the wind on her skin, whipping at the hair that stuck out of the helmet’s embrace, the rumble of the engine gave Bri a thrill like she had never experienced before. Not just the feel of the highway slipping past, but the strong vibrations of the motorcycle were sending shock waves through her system. The way she was sitting on the bike sent the engine’s vibrations directly to her clit. Her pussy was getting rather hot rather fast. She could feel herself getting wet. The crotch of her tight faded jeans were getting damp as they pulled up in front of her apartment building.

The motor idled down in the quiet night air and died as Teri cut the gas and turned the key. Tom’s car was no where to be seen so she felt safe to go into her apartment. Teri stepped off the bike and held out her hand to Bri. Bri got off the bike and nearly collapsed on rubbery legs.

Instinctively, Teri’s strong arm went round Bri’s waist, holding her steady. “Whoa there lady, you ok?” she asked Bri.

“Yeah, thanks, it’s just that…” her voice trailed off.. not wanting to admit that being near the tall butch and riding the big machine had her so turned on that she could hardly stand up. She gazed at the pavement.

Teri lifted her chin with one finger and again was lost in the gaze of those blue eyes. She sucked in her breath and gently kissed Bri. “Thanks for a great evening.” she said.

Before Bri could react, Teri turned and swung back aboard the big black Harley and keyed it to life. She roared away leaving Bri on her door step with a bewildered look on her face.

What had just happened? She had been kissed by another woman and she liked it! What was happening to her? For the first time in her life she questioned her sexuality. Could she be gay? She had never felt much when her boyfriend kissed her. The sex was ok, but even that wasn’t grand, and she barely ever came when they had sex. She never felt the way she had when Teri had kissed her, and that was just a simple kiss.

She walked to her door, full of frustration and a sudden longing to be held in the strong woman’s embrace again.

As she stepped into her small flat, many things told her Tom had packed everything he owned in a big hurry and was truly gone. Her living room was a mess with cd’s scattered in a corner as he had gone thru them and removed his, the small TV was gone too, but that was ok it was his. Moving on into the bedroom she found yet another mess, with clothing scattered about the room where he had sorted his from the clean laundry basket.

Still in a daze from what had happened tonight, Bri sat down on the bed and began to peel her clothes off. She tried to pull her tight T shirt off and suddenly realized, she still had the helmet on. ‘Hmmm, this is interesting,’ she thought as she reached up to unsnap the strap holding it on. ‘Guess I’ll be seeing her again.’ A wide smile spread across her face at the thought of seeing Teri again.

She stood and peeled her jeans off, seeing the dark damp patch in the crotch of them, ‘how could I have been so turned on by her?’ she wondered. She peeled her silk panties off and noted the crotch of them was totally soaked with her own juices. Holding them to her face she sniffed the erotic scent of them. She wondered if Teri had smelled her arousal when they had kissed on the steps.

Stripped of her clothes she lay back on her bed and slowly let her hands wander on her body. They found her hard nipples, and teased them to hard points, tracing light circles around the little buds, feeling the touch send little shivers clear down to her pussy. Her tits, while not really large, being a 36 C cup, were extremely sensitive. Every touch of her fingers sent shock waves kaçak casino thru her body. Electrical tingles that ended in her free flowing pussy.

Closing her eyes she could see the dark butch in her mind. She let herself believe it was her hands playing with her sensitive nipples. The feeling was intoxicating. Thinking it to be her dark lady made it all the hotter for Bri. What was she thinking? She never got this turned on when thinking about a guy playing with her tits. But the thought of the tall black haired butch was driving her mad. She knew that a few light touches of her clit would make her explode.

Still thinking of her butch, she let her hand trail down to her wet slit. Her juices flowed from her neatly trimmed mound, as Bri opened her inner lips and located the small nub that was her nerve center. She stroked it once, arching as the currents ran through her. Then slid her hand up and down the moisture of her wet pussy a couple times and then let two fingers slide into her wet hole, she groaned low in her throat. Her thumb hit her clit with each inward thrust of her fingers, and soon she was breathing hard, teetering on the edge of orgasm. Slowly, to let the tension build further, she stroked her fingers in and out of her sopping hole, at the end of each stroke she rubbed slow circles around her clit with her thumb.

Finally, she could hold back no longer and shoved her fingers in as deeply as they would go, stroking her clit lightning fast , her thumb a blur. Her muscles tensed.. her back arched, and her senses reeled as her orgasm shot through her. Her movements slowed only for a fraction of a second as she continued to rub her engorged clit and pussy lips. She continued stroking her clit and soon a second orgasm was building on the embers of the first. She screamed Teri’s name as she came the second time, feeling the power and the searing heat coursing through her body.

Exhausted, she let her body drop to the bed. She had never been so turned on by anyone. She knew she had to return to the bar and find that dark haired butch that intrigued her so much.

It was not until the early morning hours that sleep finally claimed the tiny woman. As she slept, she dreamed of the dark, handsome butch with the deep brown eyes and short raven black hair.

Teri roared away from Bri’s doorstep and headed home. Her trip was some distance and as the big Harley ate the pavement she thought back to the encounter with the tiny brunette. What was she thinking, Bri wasn’t gay.. it was obvious from the start, yet she had come onto her like she was. It was true she hadn’t been with anyone since she and Jeannie had broken up, but she told herself she had been too busy.

Truth be told she hadn’t wanted another relationship after Jeannie. The fiery redhead from her past tried to haunt her as she rode along. Teri shook her head to clear the image and let herself think about the little brunette.

Damn! She had been so wrapped up in her feelings for her she had left her spare helmet on the young woman’s head. A slow smile crept across her face, showing her even, white teeth. She would have an excuse to see her again!

Her heart almost sang as she rumbled into the driveway of her sprawling ranch home. Cutting the engines, she could hear some of her horses in the paddock by the barn as she did every night when she returned from her night job.

Horses were her passion and she had plenty of money to indulge her passions. She only worked at the bar to have something to do and help out the bartender who was an old friend.

She swung off the bike, listening to it pop and crackle as it cooled in the night air. Walking to the house she was not surprised to see one of her ranch hands standing by the bunk house door. She waved silently, and he waved back as she entered the house.

Once inside she dropped into a chair and let herself remember the evening in detail, the soft voice and gentle blue eyes of the young woman. Her sweet breath, and soft skin. How would she get her out of her mind? She slipped into sleep sitting in the chair.

The sun was high in the sky when Bri opened her eyes. She lay in bed recalling the dreams she’d had all night . The dark woman had become her lover in the night, and had done wonderful things to Bri’s sensitive body. She had used her hands and lips all over her. As a result, Bri woke up feeling wet and sticky and her first thought was a shower.

She stretched and rose, heading for the shower. Her perky breasts bouncing slightly as she walked. She stopped in front of the full length mirror and looked at her petite form. Turning first one way then the other she thought ‘I really am a sexy thing’ she smiled and stepped into the shower.

The hot water hit her skin like a million tiny needles, bringing her fully awake. She thought about what she would do today and decided that because she had to return Teri’s helmet she might just go shopping and find something sexy to wear.

She had decided that even though she had never been with another woman, there was nothing she wanted more than to be with one certain , tall, dark haired butch.

If she was going to seduce her, she figured she should look the part.

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