Lunch Break Fun

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“There’s a nice set fellas.”

Sam looked up from the join he was welding and looked in the direction Jackie Boy was pointing. Over on the sidewalk a brunette in tight jeans, her ass wiggling with every step, looked up as Jackie whistled to her and smiled, walking past the worksite.

“Oooh yeah, she’s goin’ for it Jack,” said Gavin, elbowing him as the brunette walked up to a man standing on the corner of the street, putting her arms around her and pressing her breasts against him. She was facing the workers as she hugged the man and gave them a big wink, followed by a kiss before walking away.

“Damn, she was into me the whole way!” he said, shoving Gavin away. Sam smirked.

“Yeah, maybe if you ask her man nicely he’ll let you have another look.” He said. Dave, Leigh and Gavin laughed as Jackie Boy threw Sam a cruel look.

“Keep your trap closed, new meat. You wouldn’t know a piece of ass if it pulled its pants down in front of you.” He glanced at the others, who stopped laughing. “You don’t even have a place in the Pool.”

Sam looked down and got back to work. The Pool was a running bet between the sheeties and sparkies, and Jackie Boy was right, he didn’t have a part in it.

6 weeks ago Sam had come to the company as an apprentice, and at 19 was the youngest worker on site. About roughly the same time there had been a massive failure on the manager’s part and they had lost a whole lot of money, so a new manager had taken over running the company. The new manager was a woman, with dark red hair, a nice rack and a fiery temper. Casey had whipped things back into shape in no time, but was insistent on being closely involved in the running of things.

As such, she spent quite a lot of time on site, her chest bursting out of the white blouse she often wore. Wearing black high heels around the workplace wasn’t regulation, but she knew the affect it had on the guys and did it anyway. The bet was who would get the chance to fuck her first. Sam’s name wasn’t on the list because after the massive money loss, they all expected him to be dropped to save costs. So far he hadn’t been.

So far.

“Speak of the devil, and she doth appear,” murmured Dave, and despite himself, Sam risked a glance up.

Casey was walking through the site in her usual black business suit and white blouse, her hair tied back to keep it out of her face, dark stockings covering her long, sexy legs. She smiled at the boys and walked with a slight shake of her ass that put the chick from the corner to shame. She never quite flirted with them, but you could see the smirk she had from a mile away.

Sam hurriedly got back to work and finished the weld. Closing up the gas line, he put down the welding tool and reached for his tool box to add a few things to his belt before moving on, and was confronted by a pair of black heels.

“Sam?” came a voice. He looked up and blushed as he realized he was staring almost straight up Casey’s skirt. She was looking down at him with a clipboard in her hand and didn’t seem to be aware of his gaze. He noticed her dark thigh high stockings stopped just above her knees but still hidden under the skirt, and she was wearing a very expensive looking pair of silky white panties with a little lace around the edges. Tearing his gaze from them before she noticed, Sam looked up into Casey’s eyes.

“We need to talk about the work you’ve been doing here. Can you meet me in my office after lunch please.” Without waiting for a reply, she turned and walked off, not looking back at all.

Sam’s heart stopped. No! He couldn’t lose this job! He needed the money desperately and at his age there wasn’t a lot of choice around. Sighing with lost hope, he belted up and climbed a ladder to the next level.


Work continued as usual until the 12:30 bell rang, announcing it was lunchtime. Sam dropped his tools and headed for the food van parked across the road in an empty parking lot. The man working there was a rude bastard but he made decent food at least, and the girl working there was definitely worth the bad manners.

Jenny was a little shorter than him, with deep blue eyes and long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. She usually wore a white tank top and a pair of jean shorts with work grade boots on. She sometimes had a pair of thin gloves to keep her hands safe from the hot plates of food she handled, walking around the site giving customers their orders.

Sam liked her and they often sat down at morning coffee time to talk for a few minutes. At lunch time she had a nice 15 minute break while the boss went off and had a smoke, which gave her a chance to relax for a while, so they went and sat on a bench behind the food van away from the site. They usually chatted about normal things, like sports or the weather, but often he couldn’t help staring at her chest, wondering what her breasts were like under the tight bra she wore. Once or twice he laid a hand on her leg while they talked, and she illegal bahis usually didn’t argue but he was afraid to take it any further.

Today, however, he wasn’t in the mood for talking.

“What’s wrong Sam?” she asked as he sat with her behind the food van. She had slipped her gloves off today and had a can of coke with a straw, her lips tightening around it as she drank.

“The boss wants to see me after lunch today,” he said, a little distracted by her lips. He explained the problems that had plagued the company around the time he had started working there and how he was afraid they were going to fire him.

“Oh, that’s horrible!” Jenny said, and she laid her hand on his thigh. He couldn’t help noticing how she leaned forward, letting him catch a glimpse of her cleavage. “But they must know you’re a hard worker! They won’t drop you just like that, they need you.” She smiled at him and suddenly he wasn’t so worried about the job anyway.

“Thanks, Jenny. I really do need this job, and I like seeing you at lunchtime too. I really like you.” He smiled and rested his hand on her thigh in return, her skin warm to the touch.

“I like you too, Sam,” she said, lifting her hand from his leg. He went to do the same when she brought her hand down on top of his, holding it in place. She looked at him as her hand started moving his up and down her thigh, her skin soft beneath his fingers. He looked up at her and she smiled back shyly, her hand moving his slowly up now, closer to the leg of her shorts, his fingers sliding to her inner thigh…

With a loud buzz signaling the end of lunch, Jenny stopped moving and shook her head, as if coming out of a trance. Looking at him, she let go of his hand and stood up, letting him brush his hand down her leg as she turned and walked away to the other side of the van, leaving him a little shaky and realizing he had to be in the boss’ office.


Casey was sitting at her desk when the secretary showed him in, her jacket hanging on a stand next to the door. The desk was side on to the door, so he could see her high heels were off and tucked under the desk, but didn’t risk looking at her legs for too long. She waited for him to sit down in front of her before putting the file down and looking at him.

“You’ve been an apprentice here for 6 weeks, correct?”

He nodded, unsure what the meeting was about. She looked at him with a hard stare and he felt his hopes sink a little lower. Abruptly she sighed and leaned forward, crossing her arms and resting them on the desk.

“Do you know how old I am, Sam?” she asked him. He shook his head, realizing he had never thought about it.

“I’m 32. 32 and already divorced from a man who didn’t seem to realize I’m his wife.” She reached up and pulled on her hair ties, letting a few fiery red locks fall. “As soon as we got engaged it stopped being fun for him. He spent most of his time doing things that don’t involve me. His work took up all his other time. I wanted a proper husband, so I divorced him. I wanted to be successful, so here I am, running a company. I usually get what I want.”

Casey pulled the last few ties out and her hair fell loose, hanging around her shoulders. She leaned forward again and rested her chin on her hands, giving Sam a superb view of her boobs pushed together in her tight blouse. She looked into his eyes.

“Do you know what I want?” she said. Sam shook his head, trying not to stare. She got up slowly, bending over to show off her tits again. She moved around the desk as she spoke, looking at him.

“This company is more than just a job. It’s my life. And as such I do what I want with it.” She rested her hand on his shoulder, standing next to him. Her voice had changed slightly, almost inviting him to let his mind wander. “I want to make sure that everyone who works here is doing what I want them to do. What I need them to do. Otherwise there’s no reason for me to want them here.” She walked behind him now, with both hands on his shoulders, fingernails lightly gripping him.

“I know you’re good at what you do here, Sam.” She was talking quietly now, and Sam could feel a stirring in his trousers that definitely wasn’t there when he came in. Casey leaned forward, and he felt her blouse touching the back of his head. He blushed madly.

“But that isn’t always enough sometimes. I need to know you can do more than that. I need to know you will do what I want…” Sam blushed as her breasts slipped down the back of his neck, pressing hard against him as her nails dug in to his shoulders.

“Do you think you can do what I want, Sam?” Casey asked. He blushed more and nodded quickly, not trusting his voice. She purred in his ear softly and stood up, releasing his shoulders and walking back to her desk. She sat down and smiled at him.

“Well, you’d better get back to work out there, hadn’t you?” she said. “I’d like you to think about what I’ve said today, and maybe we can find a reason to keep illegal bahis siteleri you here…” she smiled wider as her foot rubbed his thigh, moving up his leg towards his crotch.

Suddenly Sophie the secretary opened the door, making Sam jump. At the same time, hidden from the Sophie’s view, Casey slid her foot up and pressed against his hard on.

“Excuse me miss, the meeting is starting in 5 minutes.” She said. Casey nodded, her foot rubbing his hard cock through his pants vigorously. Sam could feel her toes sliding up and down his shaft, like she was trying to make him cum in his pants.

“Have the contractors wait in the outer room, I’ll see them when I’m ready,” she said, still playing with his cock as she turned to face the secretary. “Did you talk to the manager of that little failing company?”

She nodded. “SkyCo, yes, they said they’d be willing to negotiate…”

“I’m sure you’ve put it all together for me,” said Casey, waving her hand. “I’ll do the deal making. Please make some coffees for the contractors and leave the business to me.” Sophie left with a stiff back, leaving the door open for Sam, who stood up slowly, trying to hide his erection as he went to leave.

“Oh, Sam?” called Casey. Sam turned back, his mouth dropping as she rotated her office chair towards him, spreading her legs to show off her wet panties, smiling knowingly at him.

“Don’t be a stranger. My door’s always open…”


Over the next week Sam stayed out of sight whenever Casey walked around the workplace. He didn’t know what to do. His boss was a smoking hot temptress with big soft tits, long legs and a wet special place for him, but amazingly it wasn’t her he found himself thinking about. That first night he fell asleep with the memory of Jenny’s soft thigh under his fingertips.

The next day at lunch she didn’t say anything about what had happened last time. But when they sat down behind the van like usual she sat a little closer, taking his hand and resting it on her thigh, just below the leg of her shorts.

At first he didn’t know what to do, since he was so surprised at her actions. She started chatting normally, as though it was natural, and he quickly found himself rubbing up and down her leg again as they talked. The only time she stopped him was when his hand strayed too far towards her crotch, or if it slid down to her inner thigh too often. She kept giving him a seductive smile whenever they locked eyes, and he would keep rubbing her thigh some more. And when the buzzer sounded that it was time to go back to work, she would squeeze his hand lightly in hers and smile, then duck back into the van without another word.

It had been three days of this before Sam got up the courage to push things between them. As they sat down for lunch Jenny took his hand and guided it to her thigh as usual, but instead of leaving it there he took it off. She looked at him, unsure as he moved a little closer and rested his hand up on the leg of her jean shorts. Slowly he started to rub her leg, letting his fingers drift up to her hip and all the way down to the leg of her shorts. As she watched him quietly he slipped his fingers up into the leg of her shorts.

Gasping, Jenny gripped his wrist but he didn’t let her pull him away. He took her hand in his other hand and lifted her off, slowly sliding his hand around her soft upper thigh. His fingers moved down towards her crotch slowly and drew back again, repeating this until he finally pushed them all the way down to her crotch, feeling her panties. She moaned as he did this and went to pull him out again, but he didn’t let her. She tugged insistently on his wrist and, thinking she was too uncomfortable, reluctantly slid his hand out.

“Jenny, I’m sorry I…” he stopped as she pressed a finger to his lips, turning away and undoing the top button of her jeans. Shuffling round, he put his legs on either side of the bench as she sat facing the same way as him, sliding back to rest against his chest, guiding his hand down to her pants. He pulled the zipper down and felt the softness of her panties again, rubbing his fingers over her.

Jenny moaned, leaning back against him with her head tilted slightly, her breath coming in shallow pants as his hand rubbed her crotch. Feeling braver, he slipped one finger into the waistband of her underwear and when she didn’t object he started pulling down on them, reaching for her wet, hot lips…

Buzzzzzz. Jenny’s eyes shot open and she stood up quickly, a blush spreading all the way across her face as she did her shorts up. She turned to go as usual when Sam caught her hand, making her stop. She turned to him and he leaned forward to kiss her hand lightly, his tongue suddenly flicking out over her fingertips, like he was licking her clit. Jenny blushed more but squeezed his hand tightly, smiling as she left.


The next day Sam had a plan in mind. He winked conspiratorially at Jenny during the morning coffee canlı bahis siteleri break, and she winked back. For all her shyness she apparently had enjoyed their exploration yesterday, and it was going to continue.

After avoiding Casey all day, the lunchtime buzzer sounded at last. When he had finished his food Sam went looking for Jenny behind the van. She was standing there, hands behind her back, looking timid as a child. He smiled at her innocence and patted the bench lightly, straddling it as before. With slow steps she walked over and sat down, undoing her top button again as he reached around her body.

As his hand felt her zipper, Sam kissed along her neck and heard her murmur happily in front of him, working her pants down a little to help his roaming hand. He could feel her wetness spreading already as his fingers probed her panties, tugging on the rim and slipping a finger in. Jenny didn’t argue any more, instead she spread her legs slightly, and with a moan of joy he found her hot, wet pussy, his fingers slipping across her juicy folds.

Sam’s free hand slid up her body to her chest, cupping her breast through her tank top lightly and massaging it. With agonizing slowness she took his hand in hers and guided it up under her top, over her tight belly and up towards her bra, sighing as he felt her soft skin. He worked his fingers over her folds and up to her clit, circling it as his other hand pulled down on her bra cup, releasing one of her gorgeous tits.

Jenny’s eyes shot open as Sam’s fingers found her nipple, hard and ready, playing with it lightly as his other hand moved back down to her folds. She gripped the bench with both hands to keep from shivering under this double assault on her private parts. Her breasts were somewhat small, but Sam cupped one neatly in the palm of his hand and rubbed it, marveling at how perky her nipples were.

In no time Jenny was trembling from his fingers playing with her, and she lowered her hand to rub her clit as he slid his hand up and down her folds. She bit her lip to keep from crying out as he licked her neck tenderly, sending shivers down her spine. Sam could tell she was enjoying every minute of this and with a swift slide his finger entered her pussy.

“Aahhh!!!” Jenny gasped, sitting bolt upright and gripping his wrist tightly. Sam felt her walls tense around him and suddenly he was deep inside her, his fingers coated in her juices. Jenny shook her head.

“Please Sam, no! I…I’ve never had…” she stammered, and he realized he must have been the first one to touch her like this. He slipped his fingers back out of her and kissed her neck.

“I’m sorry, Jen…have you never had…had a guy touch…” she shook her head, looking over her shoulder at him.

“They’ve touched my clit and folds, but never…inside me,” she said, trembling in his arms. He looked into her eyes and without a word slowly slid a finger back inside her, feeling her tense up again but relaxing as he kissed her neck more. Her hand dropped to his crotch and felt the massive hard on in his pants, gasping at his size.

“Need some help?” she said, giggling in a very non-shy way. She unsnapped his tool belt and let it drop to the ground, tugging on his zipper and slipping her hand inside his pants. Rubbing her pussy and her tits with his hands, Sam moaned as he felt her soft, tiny fingers wrap around his cock, making a fist as she started to pump him.

Jenny leaned back against him more as she stroked his shaft, pulling it out of his pants as his finger slid back and forth inside her virgin entrance. He could feel her breath coming in gasps as his thumb rubbed her clit, bringing her closer to orgasm. Her free hand gripped his wrist and pumped him in and out of her faster, her hand working his cock hard.

Sam could feel himself getting close to cumming, and kissed her neck as he sped up his thrusting, pushing a second finger into her vagina. Jenny was going wild in front of him, moaning and wreathing around like she was possessed, his tongue running up and down her neck to her ear.

“Cum, Jen,” he whispered, and without waiting he bit her neck hard, pinching her nipple and pushing his fingers deep inside her. Jenny pushed her hips forward into his hand and squirted her juice all over the bench, wetting his fingers as she climaxed harder than ever before. She squeezed his cock tightly and threw her head to the side as she shook all over, humping his hand roughly.

When she had calmed down, she started to wank him off again, turning around and staring at his cock. He saw her drenched little pussy, her folds dripping with juice, and rubbed it softly as she licked her lips.

Buzzzzzzz. “Fuck!” said Sam. He was so close to cumming, but people were beginning to move. With a sigh Jenny let go of his cock and pulled her panties back in place, shuffling uncomfortably in her wet shorts. She helped him back into his trousers and took his hands, resting them on her breasts.

“It’s ok, Sam,” she said, looking into his eyes. “I promise this wasn’t a one off thing…as long as you use those amazing fingers on me again.” She smiled, blushing madly as she walked back around the van to get to work, waving goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20