Martha in America Ch. 14

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After they had cleaned up in the kitchen, they did, finding a program that they both agreed was interesting, sitting together on the towel on the sofa – comfortably close. When Martha got up to find and light the candles again, she got the blanket, and they joined each other again under it, snickering a little as they tucked it in around themselves. When the program ended, they watched the late news, but Becky was almost asleep with her head resting on Martha’s shoulder. When the news had finished, Martha joggled her and suggested that they go to bed.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed sleepily.


“Oh? Yeah, his is wet.”

Each our own? Hm-hmm! Another first time.”

They chuckled, but Becky scowled, then smirked and remarked:

“I don’t like ‘first times’ any more.”

“Just so that we can tell him we tried not to do it every night.”

“We didn’t last night — hm-hmm! – but then this morning. But, okay, we can try.”

“Maybe dream about him.”

Whom? Which ‘him’? Boris, my brother? Oh, or you can dream about him, like you were on the deck.”

“Hmm! Rather your brother.”

“Hm-hmm! But if I do too? Can he be in both our dreams?”

“If he dreams about both of us?”

“Oh, that would be funny, good!”

They had gotten up and turned off the TV and taken the candles and their glasses to the kitchen They agreed that they had to go to the bathroom, and did, in the dark, and then found their way to their rooms, saying goodnight, chuckling as one and then the other added: “Sweet dreams.”

Becky was lying on her stomach when she woke up in the early morning, recognizing that she was in her own room in the family’s house on Fire Island, as so many times in the past. It was a few moments before she recalled that she wasn’t there with her family, that she was there alone with Martha, then immediately recalling all they had done with each other, and then surprised that they weren’t together in bed. It took another moment before she remembered why not.

She smiled wryly to herself, but then recognized why she had woken up; she had to go to the bathroom. She got up. Before she went there, she peeked in at Martha, seeing that she was still sleeping. She tried to make no noise in the bathroom, not flushing, but wondering if she wanted to do what she had often done in the past when she woke up early, then wondering if that would be inappropriate – just doing it by herself.

Still undecided, as she started to return to her room, she was surprised to see Martha coming from hers. She smiled and remarked:

“Have to go, too.”

Becky nodded, returning her smile, and went back to her bed, deciding that it would be inappropriate, unfair, but then wondering if Martha also masturbated when she woke up, when she wasn’t in bed with someone, but hadn’t she said that she had only spent the whole night with her brother and her? She waited to hear Martha flush, her eyes closed. When she heard it, she nodded slightly.

A few moments later, she was surprised when the covers moved, but pleasantly surprised, pleased that she hadn’t started arousing herself. She moved to make space for Martha, who slipped under the covers, facing her. Their arms went around each other as they let their thighs overlap from habit, both agreeing with an “um-hmm.” Martha murmured:

“Funny, a little, waking up alone in bed.”

“Um-hmm. Took me a moment to remember that the whole family wasn’t here.”

“Hmm! Good thing they aren’t!”


“Um-hmm. Good morning.”

“You too. Sleep well?”

“Um-hmm, thank you. You, too?”

“Um-hmm. Hm-hmm! Any dreams?”

“I don’t think so. You?”

“Don’t think so either,” Becky agreed.

“Hmm? Why do you — and others — say “either,” – with a long “i” – and some people say “eether?”

“Hmm? Oh, someone said that Queen Victoria said it with a long “i,” since in German “e-i” would be pronounced that way. She was German.”

“Makes sense, people copying the Queen’s pronunciation. Oh, probably why the British say “shedule” instead of “schedule,” with “sk.” “S-c-h” in German are like “s-h” in English.”

“Didn’t know that, but it makes sense.”

“Um-hmm, so people in America who say “either” and “neither” with a long “i” are royalists?”

“Not any more, but maybe they once were; that pronunciation is more common up here in the Northeast.”

“New England, closer to the old country.”

“Maybe, once, not my family.”

Martha nodded and for a while they lay in silence in their loose embrace, their eyes closing. Then Becky’s eyes fluttered and opened again, and she asked:

“What do we want to do?”

“I don’t know … When?”


“Oh, … I thought you meant right now. We can go swimming, – Hm-mmm! – and see what happens, … or read. … I don’t know.”

” ‘And see what happens,’ … Hm-hmm! … What do we want to happen?”

“Nothing we can’t tell about, … this evening.”

“I guess not. … Nothing?” Becky asked.

“Hm-hmm! Well, … I guess something that we can.”

“Can do, casino siteleri or can tell about?”

They were silent, looking at each other, looking in each other’s eyes, for so long that they both blinked a couple of times. Then Becky asked softly:

“And what did you think, … if you thought I meant ‘right now’”?

“Hmm? About the only thing that I could think that you might mean.”

“Yeah, I guess so, … but I wasn’t … until I just asked you. … We don’t have to.”

They looked in each other’s eyes again for a moment, and then Martha agreed:

“No, we don’t have to,” but she rubbed her hand on Becky’s back. The corners of Becky’s mouth rose slightly, and her fingers moved on Martha’s back.

“No, we don’t have to,” Martha repeated, this time emphasizing “have.”

“Hm-umm,” Becky agreed, but her hand slid down to Martha’s waist.

“Hm-umm,” Martha responded.

It could have sounded as though she was objecting to what the movement of Becky’s hand suggested, but her fingers rubbing again indicated that she was just repeating what Becky had murmured, especially when her thighs twitched. Becky’s thighs squeezed Martha’s, but she repeated what Martha had said:

“No, we don’t have to,” Becky repeated Martha’s last words, but her hand slid further, and her thumb found the soft place above the corner of Martha’s hipbone, rubbing slightly.

When Martha’s thighs twitched again, she snorted softly with a slight smile, and her fingers then also crept down towards Becky’s waist. Becky also smiled, her thumb continuing to rub, and murmured:

” We can just talk about it.”

“If you want to.”

“Um-hmm. This is nice. Even if we just talk, mine are all stiff.”

“Hm-hmm! Mine too.”


“Um-hmm,” Martha agreed, and her hand moved, her thumb finding the same place inside Becky’s hipbone. Their thighs clamped together. Becky murmured:

“Doesn’t it feel good, when they are sucked? I just love to suck yours.”

“And yours, too.”

“Mmmm!” Feels so good, and to do it, sucking and licking, nibbling on your stiff nipple.”

“Hm-hmmm! Like on yours.”

Their thighs clasped together again, and their thumbs rubbed a little closer toward the other’s pussy. Their thighs opened a little and drew up, and their hands urged their hips to roll closer, and then their hips clasped again. They both hummed and nodded slightly. Martha smirked and remarked:

“Better keep talking.”

“Um-hmm, hm-hmm! But kissing is better, not just knowing that it’s feeling good for you, but feeling you make it feel good for me too.”

“Um-hmm! Feeling your tongue, … our tongues wanting to feel each other.”

They both licked their lips, grinning, and their thighs twitched together. Becky nodded and murmured:

“But not as good as kissing somewhere else. That tastes so arousing.”

“Not just tastes so arousing.”


“But a good way to start,” Martha replied and licked her lips.

They rolled closer, and their mouths – and immediately their tongues – found each other. After a few moments, Becky rolled back, drawing Martha with her. Martha raised her head over hers so that they could kiss even better, and did for a while, but then Martha moved her head down to find Becky’s breast, immediately sucking and licking her stiff nipple. Becky moaned and dug her heels in the mattress and moved down the bed, urging Martha to move up and over her, so that she could also find her breast with her mouth. Martha understood, moving herself around with her calves on the pillow as Becky move further down the bed until Martha could move over her, so that Becky could find her breast, sucking on her nipple, and then tonguing it as it hung free over her mouth until Martha lowered herself, pressing it into her mouth, both of them humming as their mouths sucked and nibbled, fondling each other’s other breast, and then finding it with their mouths.

Then Martha moved straight down over becky, her tongue licking a wet path from her breast down to her hair as she lay flat on her, and then they rolled to the side and drew their thighs up under each other’s head as they clasped each other’s hips to their faces.

Much – much! – later, they both gasped a last time and relaxed finally, sighing together with long moans, as they freed each other’s head.

“Maybe we did have to do it,” one of them finally murmured.

“Maybe. We certainly wanted to.”

“Um-hmm, and how!”

“Twice, … and like that again, … so good.”

“Uhmmm! Um-hmm, till I could hardly bear it, wanting you to finally let me come … but then still wanting more, again.”

“Me, too. We just do it too good, knowing what we each want.”

“Um-hmm, … just ‘too good,’ … but … I guess we should be able to do it like that better than he can.”

“Um-hmm – Hm-hmm! – of course, but I guess we better not tell him.”

“Maybe, … or maybe if we did, he could too.”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe. I hope so, … but I can’t see us trying to tell him …”

“Hm-hmm! Or show him, but then he canlı casino still wouldn’t know; … have to tell him.”

“Hmm? Just maybe. Shower?”

They showered, less intimately than some times before, but washing each other just as thoroughly and then drying themselves and then their hair as Becky said:

“Oh, why shouldn’t we tell him? He knows we do it. … I think he would like to know how, … how we do it, when we do it that good. Why not?”

“Hm-hmm! And how are you going to tell him?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Yeah, that would be funny, sitting around – maybe on the deck, naked – and telling him: ‘Oh, want to know how we really like it?’”

“Hm-hmm! That would be funny. I’m not going to tell him. You can, sometime, if you want,” Martha replied.

“Sometime? Hmm? You think we will again, ‘sometime’?”

Martha shrugged, nodding, then murmuring:

“Lucky, if you do. Well, I hope so.”

Becky recognized from Martha’s expression that she could be thinking that she couldn’t, that she was feeling bitter-sweet about the thought that Becky could. She nodded with a slight smile. They hung up their towels and then went to the kitchen.

“I could eat a real big breakfast,” Becky said, enthusiastically, as they started getting things out. Martha glanced at her, for a moment watching her nude figure moving unselfconsciously as she took things out of the refrigerator, and then agreed:

“Me, too. We deserve one. Eggs on the last of the meatloaf?”

“Oh, yeah, that would be good, but heat up the meatloaf.”

“Umm-hmm, and runny fried eggs.”

“Umm-hmm, and toast and cheese, … and jam.”

“And milk – for growing girls.”

“Hm-hmm! Not that I want to, much more – just for girls who like them to be sucked.”

They both snickered, grinning at each other as their nipples stood out. They smiled at each other again and then went about making breakfast, and they were both hungry. Becky was delighted with her “runny fried egg” on a slice of warmed up meatloaf, deciding that she wanted ketchup with it, and Martha then tried it and agreed that it was good. Becky asked how Martha came to suggest the combination, and she explained that she had recalled that there was a Swedish dish of creamed beef with an egg and had remembered the rest of the meatloaf. With orange juice and milk – “for growing girls,” and they joked about that again – and cheese and jam on toast, they ate so much that they agreed that they probably wouldn’t want any lunch as they leaned back in their chairs with full stomachs.

They both had extended their feet as they leaned back, and they touched, and they smiled at each other, and then as they both move them, grinned and ended up holding them together, snorting as they pressed them together. Then Martha snorted again and said:

“We’re not going to, if that was what you were thinking.”

“I know, and I wasn’t, but you were, … at least thinking that I would be.”

“Sorry. But somehow I got the impression that you might be – almost any time …”

“Maybe, … maybe you’re right, but not right now. … Oh, we talked about that already: ‘right now’ … or not ‘right now’.”

“Hm-hmm! And then it was …”

“Real good!” she interjected and moved her feet in Martha’s.

“Stop it!” and Martha pulled her feet back from hers.

“But I just said: ‘not right now.’”

“Um-hmm. Let’s clean up.”

Becky nodded, and they started to. Then the telephone rang.

“Him?” Becky asked with a glance at Martha, as she started to go to answer it, and then stopped and said: “It must be. You can answer it this time.”

Martha nodded with a smile and hurried to do so.

“Oh, hi, it’s me. We thought it was you.” …

“Yes, she called yesterday evening.” …

“Oh, you were there. Yes, after what she said about my ‘discouraging’ a guy, she apparently thought that it is a good idea for you to be here. … To ‘protect’ us on the weekend. … No, she didn’t say that. Of course, you know, if you were there. We sort of interpreted that that was the way she felt. … Yes, real good – you must be alone – after her misgivings – is that the right word? – before. And you know we want you to … Hm-hmm! Um-hmm, to ‘protect’ us real good! … Um-hmm, we talked about that. You know we do. … Oh, I guess you aren’t alone any more, but … we are – she’s nodding … and grinning. … Yes, if the waves are good – and I’m sure that they will be – we can show you how well we’ve learned to ‘body surf.’ … Hm-hmm! You’d ‘like that’ … to body surf with us. We’re pretty good at it – Hm-hmm! – together … Hm-hmm! Of course, you ‘may speak to her’.”

Martha held the phone out to Becky.

“Hi, isn’t that great?! … Hmm! You didn’t say that for me. Who’s there? Don’t answer. Of course, you’re just coming out here to pick us up. When? … What time Friday evening? … 7:45? That early? That’s good! And we want to be ‘picked up’ … by such a strong brother and … Okay. Till Friday, we’ll pick you up … ‘pick you up’!”

She hung up the phone, grinning at Martha, who grinned kaçak casino back, and they both rubbed their aroused nipples, but not to make them soft again as they watched each other, and Martha remarked:

“Maybe we will show him. Why not, if he knows we do … and … leaves us a chance to.”

“He can’t do it all the time – Hm-hmm! – but maybe enough so that we don’t want to.”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe, – Hm-hmm! – but then we would have to just tell him – Hm-hmm! – or you just ask him if you could tell him.”

“Or you could?”

“Me? It was your idea.”

“But maybe he would …, it would be better if you did.”


“I don’t know, …oh, … I guess it would seem better – your telling him. I mean, … – you know – you have more experience. I’d feel kind of funny about doing it, … telling my big brother – he still is – how to make love.”

“Hmm! It didn’t sound like it, before. … You’re blushing.”

Becky’s nipples were all tight, as she rubbed her cheeks and smiled sheepishly and agreed:

“I guess so. … Let’s finish in the kitchen.”

Martha nodded, and they did.

Out on the deck, they saw that cumulus clouds were already developing over the windward end of the island. They lay down, Martha still reading, Becky just lying on her back, immediately letting the sun shine on her between her legs. Martha snorted slightly and said:

“You’re going to get it sunburned,” and then snorted more sharply and asked:

“Or are you going to ask him if he can see the way you’ve been sunbathing.”

“Hm-hmm! I hadn’t though of that, but it’s a good idea; I’ll take the risk,” and she drew her thighs up and let them flop open as she added:

“It just feels good …”

“Um-hmm, and reveals what you’re thinking about.”

“Um-hmm, but you did, too.”

“Um-hmm,” Martha admitted softly as she returned to her reading, and then they were silent.

After a long while, Becky asked:

“What are you going to do with him?”

“You’re still thinking about it.”

“Um-hmm. What are you going to do with him?”

“What I can’t do with you, and then he’s going to do what you can’t do …”

“Of course. You have been thinking about it, too.”

“In my bed, before we knew that he could come.”

“Hm-hmm! I like that. And then?”

“‘And then?” I guess, it’s your turn. Where are you going to be?”

“Oh? I hadn’t really thought about that, but I can’t imagine that I would be just sitting in the living room – Hm-hmm! – listening to you, … or lying in my bed, waiting. … I guess I was thinking that I would be there, somehow. Oh, maybe it will be dark – yeah, by then, Hm-hmm! – and you can’t see me, … like Sunday night.”

“Hmm! … If it’s going to be like that, I guess we better … just start with all three of us.”

“A shower? … He’ll need one.”

“Something like that.”

“Um-hmm. … Oh, he has experience – with the two roommates. … I wonder what they did, how that was? … Funny, that must have surprised him, … that they both wanted to.”

“Um-hmm. ‘And then?’”

Oh, … – hmmm? – I guess, … well…? No, I’m going to save that for the morning – a lot of it … Oh, I’ll want him to ‘kiss’ me, like we’re really meant to. Hm-hmm! Maybe I’ll tell him that. … And, of course, if he wants to again – can, oh, he can then – Oh, I’ll want him to.”

“I can imagine!”

“You won’t mind?”

“You said I could go first.”

“Just so you know.”

“Thanks! Just listen to us! … Probably won’t care what happens then … for a while, at least.”

“Hm-hmm! I hope not. … Oh, maybe you can tell him how I want it …”

“While he’s doing it?!”

“We like to talk about it …”

“Not while we’re doing it! Hm-hmm!”

“Hmm! And he likes to talk about it, … while we’re doing it, … so, … why not? He’ll like it.”

Martha laughed out loud, and Becky joined in, and then their laughter died down to snickers, and then Martha laughed again and said:

“I suddenly thought about a sport reporter, like on TV, commentating on what was happening on the field – I guess a soccer match, back home – suggesting that the man with the ball should pass it instead of trying to kick the goal, himself.”

They both laughed again, and then Becky replied, still giggling:

“Yeah, something like that. Yes, just like that, that he shouldn’t try to score by himself – his team is in complete control – keep passing the ball back and forth, confusing and frustrating the other team – me – until it can’t be helped, a beautiful goal that leaves the other team – me – breathless, … in awe.”

Martha snickered and then laughed again, and Becky did too, still lying flat on her back with her thighs spread as her stomach moved with her laughter, but then she extended her legs and rolled over on her side, still chuckling as Martha rolled back onto her side and grinned at her and said:

“No, you’ve got to tell him, maybe like that.”

“While he’s doing it?”

“You said he liked to hear it.”

“If I do – If I were to – I think I’d be more direct – have to be more direct – in that situation. I was seeing myself kneeling over him – one way or the other – and I think I would be telling him: ‘No, not yet. Just keep doing that , …’”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20