Me , Ms. Jones Ch. 2

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The walk back to my house I was in a total daze. I couldn’t believe what just happened. As I get to my room I start to remember as Ms. Catherine Jones my neighbor with the biggest set of tits I have ever seen had just given me a handjob. I fingered her pussy to an orgasm while I sucked her tits like a nursing newborn. And to top it of she sucked my cum off her own tits and licked her nipples clean.

I started to change out of my swim trucks and daydreamed about her sucking my cock. I picture her mouth slowly swallowing the shaft as my dick goes down her mouth. In and out it goes as I reach and fondle her breasts. I remember that her tits reminded me of a model I saw in a magazine, Tabatha Towers. They were almost identical to Catherine’s. Large and natural, with the tan outline of a bikini top and areolas the size of a saucer plate. I feel my erection growing larger as I dream and lay down and start stroking. I continue fantasizing about her blowing me . She is eagerly sucking and licking my dick as the pace is starting to pick up. I am pumping as I imagine her blowing faster and faster.

I pull out of her mouth as she lays down a cups her tits. The valley between them act as a landing strip for my cock. I plop it between them as she pushes her tits back together. The totally envelope my dick. I can barely see the head as I tit fuck her. Slowly gliding between her tits as she plays with her nipples as I am pumping her chest. Faster and faster, I reach around and start playing with her clit, She lets out a moan as I increase the attention and slip a finger in and out. Faster and faster I fuck her chest and finger her pussy. The tempo is increasing as I feel a load about to erupt. I grab hold of her tits as I pump and pump and pump, faster and faster and faster, until….

Stream after stream shoots out of my dick and lands on my chest as my wet daydream returns me to reality. That had to be the best jack off as my cum landed in the middle of my chest. Just thinking about her tits and doing more with them takes me to another level. I wipe of my dick and my chest and slowly drift to sleep still thinking about Catherine Jones; tits.

I must have been real tired, when I wake up it is dark outside and I am thirsty. The lights are out in the house as I quietly try to walk out to the kitchen. As I am walking down the hall I can see some light coming from the living room. I figure my sister, Janey and Catherine’ daughter, Laura were up watching TV. Not wanting to disturb them I tiptoe past the living room, as I am walking by I see them watching some bad Cinemax movie. You know the kind were for no reason the muscular guy and hot girl who are on the run decide to go skinny dipping and then have sex. The girls are in the room watching , I notice that they are both in oversized T-shirts.

“I am so sick of guys just wanting a girl for the size of her chest.” Janey laments. She is a senior on the HS basketball team and is thin and muscular. She has muscle tone but no tits what so ever. “Is that all guys ever think about getting a girl with big tits?”

Laura kinda snickers, she doesn’t have that problem, she has a figure just like her mother. Laura’s chest isn’t as big as Catherine’s’ but they are still sizable, probably a D or a DD. She chimes in “You would be suprised who casino siteleri likes big tits”. Oh shit, she better not say what I think she is going to say.

“Who, who are you talking about?”

“I can’t say, they will get into much trouble.”

“What, there is no way you can start this with out saying who it is”

Laura’s has an expression on her face like she doesn’t know what to do. And then she say “Your brother”

Janey looks confused as she can’t figure what the big deal is about me liking girls with big tits. The realization starts to come to her that there must be more to the story. “Did he spy on you or try to hit on you?” Laura shakes her head no as she wish she hadn’t started the conversation. My heart is pounding as I am hoping she didn’t see anything.

“What, what did he do that you can’t tell me? Come on, we have been best friends for years, we are practically sisters.”

Laura takes a deep breath and says “OK. I will tell you but you must promise not to tell anyone and I mean anyone.”

“OK, OK I promise.” Janey is smiling like a Cheshire cat thinking she is getting the dirt on me. I am getting nervous and don’t; know what to do.

Laura then proceeds to tell Janey that remember this afternoon when your brother went inside to get some towels. Janey shakes her head and at the same time I am shaking my no as I know what is coming.

“Well, if you remember he took awhile so I went inside to see what the deal was. As I was walking to the bathroom I walked my moms bedroom. I could hear moaning so I peeked my head in. I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

“What, what did you see.” Janey was sitting up on her knees in anticipation of the news.

“My mom and your brother were next to each on the bed. Naked. He had his head buried in her chest sucking on her tits like their was no tomorrow as her fingered her.”

“OH MY GOD. You have got to be kidding.”

“No, and it gets better. She had her hand wrapped on his dick.” It was so weird hearing her say dick and that my sister was sitting their eager to listen. “He fingered her till she got of and then…” Laura start to trail off.

“What, what else did they do? Don’t tell me they did it?”

“No it wasn’t that. It just kind of unusual. She had him stand in front of her and as she kept jacking him off, she was pointing his dick towards her chest. When he came she purposely shot it all over her chest. Now her is the strange part. After she finished jacking him she grabbed her own tit and licked and sucked her own tits clean.”

Janey was sitting there jaw wide opened, this was not what she expected to hear. “You’re telling me that my brother and your mom got each other off and when he came she licked his cum off her own tits?” Laura nodded her head yes. “I wasn’t expecting that” Janey leaned back and you could see the wheels spinning in her head and the she blurts out “Your mom can suck her own tits? That is totally unfair. She must have gotten my share.” They both have a good laugh as they let out some of the tension. :”Are you able to suck your own tits?” This question suprised Laura and me.

“Yes, my last boyfriend loved to watch me do it. Some times when I get myself off it will push me over the edge.”

Janey looked jealous as she looked at her own canlı casino chest. She never had to wear a bra if she didn’t want to. She pulled up her shirt and cupped her breast. She has these great perky little breast. Small but great and her nipples point up. “I guess I will never know what that is like.” She keeps cupping her as she ask Laura ” Let me you.”

“What?” a shocked Laura replies.

“C’mon let me see. I don’t think you can. I know your mom can she has tits the size of a watermelon. I don’t think you can.”

“I can trust me. I can’t do it in front of someone.” To make her point more Laura pushes her shirt down so it’s touching the floor, stretching over her knees. Janey wont’ take no for an answer so she starts tickling her and at the same time lifting up Laura’s shirt. “C’mon, show me please. Pretty please.”

Laura gives in because she knows how tenacious my sister is. She slowly takes off her shirt to reveal a white bra with tits flowing over the cup. “Man that is so unfair that you got big ones too.”Janey is still jealous of the Jones’ breast fortunes. Laura slowly reaches around her own back and unhooks her bra. She lets it fall as she cups her breast so that they are still covered up. ” OK I will show you put then I am putting my bra right back on. You have to promise not to tell anyone.” Janey nods OK as Laura drops her hands revealing her tits. My God they are magnificent. They are not as big as her mom’s but they have the same large areolas. “OK here I go. Pay attention because I won’t do this again. Ready.” She grabs her left tit with her hands and pulls it up to her mouth. She opens her lips and sucks on the nipple. Even though she was reluctant she likes it as her nipples start to get hard. “There I did it, now hand me my bra.”

“No you only did one, I want to see you do the other one.”

Laura rolls her eyes and then grabs the right tit and pulls up to her mouth and licks this one over the areola. She doesn’t immediately stop but then pulls her tit back down. :Janey starts to lean in closer and watched intently as Laura does this. Laura sees her and smiles and says “There, satisfied?”

Janey looks a little puzzled and then asks the obvious question. “What’s it like? I have to ask since I obviously will never know.”

“You should be glad you have those small ones. No back ache and when I guys looks at you he looks you in the eye. Didn’t you ever suck on your boyfriends?’

“No, they only guy I ever did it with wasn’t worth the exploration.” A minute of silence goes my as I realize my sister has her shirt pulled up with her hands on her tits as her friend in sitting topless in front of her. My dick is as hard as it was this morning in Catherine’s hand. ” Let me try yours Laura. Real quick I just want to see what it is like to be able to suck your own tits.” Laura looks wide eyed but shrugs her shoulders and agrees since she knows arguing is pointless. “OK, buy make it quick this is getting kind of strange.”

Janey leans in and grabs a tit with each hand. She squeezes them and bounces them a little. She puts them together and starts to rub the nipples with her hands. Laura is starting to enjoy it, but she is trying to hide it. Janey takes both of her hands and pulls Laura’s left tit to her waiting mouth and puts it in her mouth. kaçak casino After a second she start to gently suck on it. This is having an effect on Laura as she closes her eyes and lays her head back. Janey does the same with the right tit and as she suck she plays with the left ones nipple. Laura lets out a moan as her legs part a little. “That was great. I wish I was able to that with mine.” Laura slowly comes to and has a look in her eye and says ” If you got to do it to me I should get to do it to you. It’s only fair.”

Janey doesn’t bat an eye and pulls her T-shirt all the way off. She is sitting up with her legs spread as Laura slowly moves closer. She plays with Janey nipples and marvels at how fast the harden to the touch. She does it to each one and then she wraps her mouth over my sisters right tit. This is too much for Janey, she lets out a big moan and holds Laura’s head to her chest. Laura suck the right on and moves over to the left one as Janey’s eyes roll in the back of her head. Laura finishes that one and as she takes her head away from Janey’s chest they are looking eye to eye with each other. They stare intently and then kiss. I not talking about a peck but a full on mouth wide open kiss. They kiss like two kids making out in the back of a car. Janey starts to push Laura back and proceed to start sucking on her big tits again. This time she really sucks them. Grabs one with both hands and starts licking the giant areola and sucking her nipples. Laura throws her head back and moans out loud, this time she isn’t trying to stifle them. Janey keeps on the tits and I notice her pull her right hand away. She is still holding one of Laura’s tits in her hand and her mouth. Her other hand slowly drifts down until it slides inside her own panties. They are wet and her hand starts pumping a finger in her own pussy. I am now watching my own sister finger herself as she is sucking the tits of her best friend whose mother gave me a handjob earlier. What a great day.

Apparently Laura had the same idea, she use one hand to hold Janey on her tits and with the other she starts fingering herself.. Both of them are pumping themselves pretty fast, when Laura takes her hand off Janey’s’ head and pulls her free tit to her waiting mouth. She starts engulfing her own tit like I did to her mother this morning. Janey is starting to get close to cumming as her mouth quits sucking and starts panting. Since she is on top of Laura she can feel Laura do herself. Laura didn’t stick her hand down the top of her own panties. She parted them from the side. Janet is staring intently as her best friends hand is finger her own pussy. This is too much for Janey as she starts “Yes, yes, yes.” She arches her back as she cumms like I did on Catherine. The kind where your body almost spasms. Seeing Janey get off like that Laura starts pumping faster and faster and sucking her tits harder and harder till her muffled screams of “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh my god I’m cumming.” She has the back arching earth shattering orgasm that my sister just had in front of her.

Janey falls on top of Laura as their breathing gets slower and slower and as their sweaty bodies rub on each other. Janey smiles as she says “That was fun, we should have done that sooner.” Laura chuckles and nods in agreement. “I wonder what they taste like when there is cumm on them?” Laura smiles back with the same questioning look.

“We can always find out if you want.” I say as I step out of the shadow with my cock sticking straight up at attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20