Melanie’s Story Pt. 01

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This is a spin off story from the Crossing Over series, I’ve decided to tell Melanie’s story. She was Louise and Sigrid’s boss at Westpac and after the death of her husband she got together with Sigrid’s younger sister, Elke. It was always on my mind to explore Melanie’s character and story in greater detail as she seemed such a strong woman who suffered a great deal, weathered a terrible tragedy and came through it much stronger and wiser. I hope you enjoy this little tale.

I’ve read Louise’s story of how she and Sigrid got together and enjoyed it immensely, especially as I lived through that time and although I’ve certainly heard bits and pieces of their story, this is the first time she laid it all out in written form. It challenged me to write my own account of how Elke and I got together, and perhaps to lay some demons to rest.

I was born on the 6th of November, 1962 to Robert and Maria Gardner, dad always said I was born lucky. It’s an old family joke because it was the day of the Melbourne Cup and my father won ten pounds when he backed Even Stevens to win. So there was a double celebration that night, my safe arrival and dad’s win, he bought mum a dress with the winnings.

I was the oldest child and three more followed after me, Theresa in 1966, Matthew in 1968 and Susan in 1971 before mum finally had a hysterectomy. She’d had enough of child bearing after eight years and in those days men tended to leave that kind of thing to women. I recall mum telling me she was getting herself fixed like Daisy because saying hysterectomy was just making me tongue tied. Daisy was our Cocker Spaniel and she’d given birth to her third litter of pups recently and so I stood up in show and tell at Bentleigh West Primary and told the class that my mum was getting spayed. My teacher laughed so hard she nearly wet herself!

We moved to Templestowe not long after Matthew was born and my parents still live there to this day. It was a huge difference to suburban Bentleigh West. When we moved to Templestowe it was still semi-rural and I spent a lot of time tramping through paddocks, picking blackberries, and playing on building sites once the workmen had gone home. The rural landscape was changing rapidly as more houses were built and roads widened but compared with the claustrophobia of Bentleigh West it was as if we’d stepped outside into the fresh air.

I was a happy go lucky child, full of adventure and I was lucky in that my parents were fairly modern in their outlook. Dad was a reporter for The Age and from him I inherited my love of logic and my sense of fair play. Mum worked part time as a sales assistant at Myers in Westfield. Mum did have a promising career in journalism herself but marriage and child bearing put paid to that grand plan.

I inherited many positive things from mum, but one negative trait was her willingness to put up with situations that would drive people mad. The loss of her career was one thing she impressed upon me when I was dating Daniel and all my girlfriends were comparing us to Danny and Sandy from Grease, after we won the dance competition at a Blue Light disco one night. That was in 1979 and it was a year of monumental changes when I guess you could say I lost my innocence. I was in Year 11 and by all accounts a well adjusted young lady with a handsome boyfriend and then my dad had an affair with a woman at work and mum ordered him out of the house.

Theresa and Matthew were old enough to understand something of what had gone on, but Susan was distraught because all she knew was that daddy had gone away and mummy wasn’t talking to daddy any more. As I was the oldest child, I had to help mum run the household, we became quite close over the next three months and then she and dad got back together again. I remember the sense of disgust that she could take him back and yet I felt relief that I could go back to my old life but I’d learned that love doesn’t last forever. I always thought my parents had a perfect marriage but unbeknownst to me things had been spiralling out of control. After that I no longer thought of Daniel and I as being the perfect couple, they’d apparently said the same about dad and mum so she’d told me.

Two changes came out of that separation. The first change was when I joined the youth group at the local Uniting Church, I’d been taking Susan to an after school club at the church while mum was at work and made friends with a girl my age who was also taking her sister to the club, she invited me to a youth group activity and I found they weren’t as square as I thought. The youth group had a lot of activities going on, the youth pastor was actually a decent guy who tried his best to get along side his charges. My involvement with a youth group led to the second change when Daniel and I broke up. He saw the church as being for squares and with the benefit of hindsight I know he was hoping to take things further with us, enough said about that!

To be honest though, breaking up with my first ever boyfriend was not that dramatic, by then I’d decided there was canlı bahis more to life than just meeting Mister Right. I’d seen my parents’ marriage end in a heartbeat and even though they were back together, I knew it could end again. Thus I focused on school and the youth group until I graduated from high school with an A+ for maths and an A- for English. The following year I enrolled at Latrobe university to do my degree in economics, during the summer holidays I went away to Lorne on a beach mission with a Christian organisation and came back with a renewed faith in God. I was ready to take on the world again, things had settled down at home and my parents seemed happy enough.

University was a whole new world. For a start I could drink legally, which led to my first sexual encounter. It wasn’t with a man however, my first sexual experience was with a woman who was in my accountancy class at Latrobe. It was also the first time I tried dope but for now I have to quit this and do the grandmother thing.


Well I’m back and it’s been a day since I last wrote something but Elke has read what I’ve done so far and wants to know more about Mandy. In particular she wants to know about my night between the sheets with her, and so with strict instructions to keep it real, here I go.

Now that I was eighteen it was only natural I start going to the young adults group. Their idea of going wild was two beers on a Friday night. We used to run a coffee shop/drop in centre for local kids in an attempt to give people something else to do besides getting shitfaced. I fitted in well with the team because I’d done this before at the beach mission.

My Christian faith did raise eyebrows at home, especially with my father, he was an atheist, mum was a lapsed Catholic but she reasoned that I couldn’t get into trouble at a church youth group and at least I’d developed a good circle of ‘clean’ friends. In that opinion she was correct, they were clean, middle class and many of them married into their class.

Don’t get me wrong, I was no little Miss Innocent. I knew how the world worked, more or less but I wasn’t about to lose my virginity just to prove a point. Having witnessed the drama between my parents I was very carefully checking out potential mates. I’d attracted the eyes of quite a few guys at church and university but ultimately it was Mandy who became my first love.

In the grand tradition of great romance, we disliked each other at first. She was a big Joan Jett fan and styled her hair like her idol, although she was a natural blonde like me. I thought she looked out of place in an accountancy class with her leather jacket and on hot days she’d wear a mini skirt and just drive the boys wild. There was one guy in particular who latched onto her but when he found out she was gay he scratched her from his little black book and moved onto me.

Joe was second generation Italian Australian and had the smouldering dark Mediterranean looks and the self confidence to go with them. In the vernacular of the day he was a stud and had a reputation as a heartbreaker. I was determined he wasn’t going to get anywhere near me and he was equally determined to get into my pants. Somewhere along the line, he must have overheard one of my girlfriends talking about the virgin girl or maybe he just guessed it.

Joe made his move one Friday afternoon in the carpark when I was trying to get into my car. He opened the door for me and told me the heavens must be weeping.

“What?” I looked at him and then saw Mandy strolling towards us.

“One of the angels just fell to Earth.”

I started as Mandy burst out laughing.

“Jesus, that is the corniest line I ever heard,” Mandy came to a dead stop, “why don’t you just say my face is leaving in five minutes, I’d like you to be on it?”

Joe swung around to face her and my pulse quickened.

“Why don’t you mind your own business? I was helping the lady into her car?”

“Oh I can see that she really needed it too, it’s not like she’s got arms.”

She looked at me for a moment.

“Do you want him to help you into your car?”

“I can manage that,” I replied, “thanks.”

“No worries,” she eyed Joe, “she has a voice too, how about that?”

“You’re so full of shit,” Joe sneered and turning on his heel, walked away, “lesbo.”

“And fucking proud of it too,” she yelled back.

I slid behind the wheel and closed my eyes as she turned to look at me.

“Look, if I was interfering I’m sorry, I saw him checking you out and you didn’t look like you were enjoying the attention but if you’d like me to call him back?”

“No,” I exhaled, “no, I don’t want him near me. He gives me the creeps.”

“He’s got a reputation, and a kid too.”

Our friendship started that day in the carpark at Latrobe uni. I felt secure in her presence because she knew how to handle herself around guys. The fact she was gay didn’t actually bother me, I just thought it was something she might grow out of once she met the right guy. I liked the fact she was the lead bahis siteleri guitarist in an all-girl rock band that played some of the pubs back in the day. The Lipstick Queens played covers for the most part but had started doing their own material and when Mandy invited me to a gig at the Doncaster Inn, I accepted the invitation.

I chose my outfit carefully that night, a grey wool-blend pinafore dress, white short sleeved shirt and sensible heels. It was the kind of outfit I’d wear to a church service but I was there to support Mandy’s band not come onto her. I turned up at her place in my second hand LX Torana and she told me to park it in front of her XB Ford Fairlane.

“We’ll take my car tonight,” she ran an eye over me, “you look good.”

I can’t remember if I blushed but I certainly returned the compliment. She had her stage outfit on, a white shirt, black leather trousers, boots and a black leather jacket with fringes on the sleeves. I definitely looked straight alongside her! But the nervousness soon wore off when we arrived at the pub and she introduced me to the band as her friend. The girls weren’t all dressed in leather outfits, the drummer had a pair of shorts, white tee shirt and black braces. The lead singer however had an all leather cat suit and was a self confessed Suzi Quatro fan.

Because I was now a passenger, it freed me up to have a few drinks that night. I wasn’t much of a drinker, I wasn’t exactly a two pot screamer either, but it didn’t take much to put me on my arse. It also took away my inhibitions, I ended up dancing with a few lesbians that night and when one put her arms around me it didn’t feel awkward. I felt secure with Mandy up on stage and in between sets I sat with her and when Mandy put her hand on my leg I didn’t flinch. I’d been drunk once before but that was with my best friend from high school when we stole her dad’s bourbon. That night I got quite tipsy, I had to take off my heels to get to the car after closing time.

When we got back to Mandy’s house I actually thought about calling a taxi but changed my mind when she offered me the sofa bed. She shared the house with two girls and a guy, all of whom were out for the night and that should have alerted me but I liked the feeling of being out of control and when she packed a bong I wanted to try it out as well.

“Are you sure?” Mandy looked at me.

“Positive,” I nodded.

“Okay,” she lit the bowl and sucked the bong.

I watched in mild amusement as she emptied the bowl and a few moments later blew a cloud of smoke over me. I choked at first and then inhaled some of the smoke. It had a mild calming effect but I still wanted the real deal and so she packed a fresh pipe and handed me the lighter.

“Just take in some air as well or else you’ll bring up half a lung.”

But being tipsy I forgot that advice and ended up coughing so hard I saw spots before my eyes, how could people actually smoke this shit?

“Take some air with it,” she rubbed my back gently.

This time I took her advice and managed to finish my first bong. The effect was quite dramatic for me anyway, I felt a lot more relaxed and did get the giggles not long after but after a couple more pipes she stretched and yawned.

“We’d better set this bed up before I’m too wasted.”

It took longer than most and I wasn’t much help because by then I had the giggles but eventually we set the bed up and she collapsed into it and flopped her arms out along the back of the couch.

“Fancy another bong?”

“Maybe,” I settled against the back of the couch.

“How about a shotgun?”

“A what?”

“A shotgun,” she flicked the lighter, “it’s when I take a mouthful of smoke and blow it down your throat.”

Which meant kissing, even I knew that but I was tipsy and stoned, what could go wrong?

Everything as it turned out. When she put her mouth close to mine and blew down my throat I inhaled smoke and air, I was so distracted by this task I lost focus and then she kissed me. It was a quick kiss but as I exhaled the smoke I felt a slight thrill of anticipation. I do remember looking at the stereo as the CD stopped playing and then she leaned over and kissed me again. This wasn’t what I expected and I have to smile at my naïvety because I let this kiss linger a little longer, her mouth parted slightly and I moved with her.

I’d been kissed before, by guys but this was a very different kiss, the kind that stays with you many years later. It was so soft, so gentle and so inviting. She knew how to kiss and make you want more, I put my hand on her shoulder as if to push her away and she pulled back slightly and then kissed me again, this time tilting my head to one side.

I felt her hand on my shoulder, sliding under the collar of my blouse and she pushed harder, my hand shifted to the back of her neck and I willed myself to break free because this was leading to a place I had no intention of going. But the mixture of alcohol and marijuana had slowed me down quite a bit, she did break free just to catch her breath bahis şirketleri and at that point I could have said something but I didn’t. I just caught my breath, I was staring at her throat and out of impulse I kissed it. She raised her head slightly and I hooked my finger and thumb over the second button of her blouse but didn’t try to undo it as I kept kissing her throat.

I felt her hands moving through my hair with soft gentle strokes as I moved around to her neck, I was acting out of pure instinct rather than with any plan in mind, but eventually I raised my head to look at her and found she had a smile on her face.

“That was nice.”

Mandy took my face in her hands and leaning forward, kissed me again, I gave into her kiss and felt her hands moving down my face to my neck, she caressed my throat and neck with light fingertips that danced over my skin. When she reached my second button, she started easing it through the buttonhole and broke free at the same time. Her eyes held me stationery as the button popped loose and her hands slid up under my blouse and stayed there.

I looked down at her hands and knew this was the point I should tell her no but by then I was aroused and despite my Christian beliefs I didn’t want this to stop. Yet, I did swallow as she undid the third button and pushed the blouse further apart. She stroked my front slowly and deliberately as she studied my face and when I whimpered and looked up, Mandy leaned over and began kissing me with light, teasing kisses. I felt the fourth button coming loose and her fingers found the edge of my bra but that was about as far as she could go without removing my dress.

Mandy shifted position and sat astride me, taking my wrists in her hands, she spread them along the back of the sofa bed and lowered her head. I whimpered as her lips danced across my exposed front, starting at my throat and working her way down to my cleavage. I was well past the point of no return and grabbed the back of the sofa bed and pushed myself into her. Mandy released my wrists and started brushing her fingertips up and down my front with circular motions that had me wanting for more.

Mandy’s hands moved down to my breasts, sliding under the blouse to my bra cups. She massaged my breasts as she kept kissing my front, I felt flushed and when she finally stopped kissing she smiled and tickled my front.

“You’re blushing.”

It was true, my skin had taken on a slightly redder tint, my nipples were beginning to ache and I knew this was only going to end with me getting naked. A bible verse did pop into my head but I’ve long forgotten the reference, probably something about the scarlet woman or immoral behaviour. Her hands rested on her own blouse and as I watched, she unbuttoned it to her waist, exposing a black bra and then she leaned forward and offered herself up to me.

I put my hands on her breasts and felt their weight, she was slightly bigger than me and I noticed that her eyes softened when I moulded them. This went on for some time before I leaned forward and kissed her throat again. She groaned and leaned into me, her hands slid through my hair and down to my collar, and then down further to the zipper at the back. I felt it sliding down my back and moaned as I kept kissing her.

The zipper reached my waist and she started pulling the shoulders of the dress down my arms and eased back at the same time. The dress slid down to my waist and with a smile she pulled it over my buttocks and down my legs.

I was now wearing just my blouse, buttoned to just below my bra but instead of doing what I expected, she grabbed my pantyhose and pulled them backwards with her. The nylon sparkled with static and then she undid the rest of her blouse and let it fall to the bed.

My mouth felt dry and I did feel nervous, my heart was pumping as she unbuckled her belt and slid it through the loops, it joined the blouse and then she got down on all fours and started kissing my left leg. She got all the way up to my panties and then moved back down my right leg, I just spread my legs for her and let her keep going, which is precisely what she did, kissing and tickling my legs until I was wet.

When she moved in closer it was to unbutton the last few buttons and part my blouse. Her mouth descended on my shoulders with soft, biting kisses as she pulled the blouse down my back, I shed it shortly afterwards and slid forwards until I was on my back. She moved in on top of me, I undid her jeans and pulled the zipper down, she arched her back and let me feel her softness. It was a little disconcerting not to find a cock funnily enough, I know I didn’t have much idea about what to do with her then.

Thankfully, Mandy was in control because it would have been a case of masturbating her and I hadn’t even done that for myself yet. Her mouth moved down over my front and she undid my bra and pulled it free. My nipple slid into her soft mouth and she sucked it, drawing it into her and swirling her tongue around and around while she manipulated the other nipple. I was panting by then and not knowing what was happening, I experienced a moment of sheer panic that subsided just as quickly as it arose. Mandy moved down to my panties and pulling them down over my hips, cast them aside and settled between my legs.

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