Molly – My First Love

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My first real love – that would be Molly. As the old song went, she was a dark haired beauty with sky blue eyes. Barely 5’3″ tall she was slender with long legs and small round breasts. We met at orientation on our first day at college. After I helped her with class information and schedules she thanked me and then wanted to know if I wanted to grab lunch. Soon we were spending more and more time together. Even though friendship moved naturally to romance, we were not intimate for a long time. I mean that yes; we were making out a lot. I had fondled her breast and had my hand down her pants, but that was pretty much all. I guess some would say that was very Jr. High. Maybe, but the wait was certainly worth it.

Both of us had dated very little in high school. I was shy to the point of not really making many friends or even being noticed. You know the type. The pretty girl in your class that you think about while masturbating asks what school you go to. Coming to college was my chance to change all of that – a new me that would have friends and be outgoing and confident. That desire to be this new person is what led me talk to Molly in the first place. After all, she couldn’t ask what school I go to.

As for Molly, I never understood why she had not dated and had tons of boyfriends in high school – it certainly was not shyness. She was very pretty and as outgoing as anyone I had ever met. I got the feeling that there was something very wrong about her family, but she would never talk about it. Whatever the problems were, she kept out of relationships until now. Perhaps she was looking to also re-invent herself.

When Molly’s roommate dropped out of school her room became the perfect place to be together. In was there in the privacy of her room that there came a time when were fooling around and she pulled away from me and with an almost comical smile blurred out, “If you do me, I’ll do you!”

I looked at her speechless. I had never had the chance to go down on a girl or to have someone suck me off. “Yes! Who goes first?”

With a smile Molly canlı bahis slowly slid down to her knees in front of me and undid my belt. Carefully unzipping my jeans she stared at the white jockeys. “What the fuck?” she asked as she poked around the briefs looking for an opening.

I lifted my butt up and she pulled my jeans and shorts down and off. Lifting my cock up into the light she lightly ran her fingers the length of the shaft from the balls up to the top of the crown stopping to examine the pre-cum that had formed. “Hum, what have we here?” she whispered as she slowly moved her finger away from the pool to form a silver strand shining in the light.

As she played with the thick liquid, I watched my cock become hard and seemingly bigger than normal. As my cock became stiff and fully erect, Molly threw her hand in front of her mouth, “Oh, shit, that’s sort of big! It felt a lot smaller in your jeans.”

“I think you have something to do with that.” I blurted out smiling from the complement. But I suddenly wondered if she was changing her mind. I certainly did not want any of this to stop. The anxiety quickly disappeared as she wrapped a hand around the hard shaft and licked the top taking the remaining pre-cum. “Not much taste.” she remarked as she moved her long dark hair to the other side letting me see her face. Slowly she brought her lips close to my cock, only to pause just short of taking me into her mouth and looked up. “Is this what you really want?” she asked pulling lightly on my left ball.

“Molly! Stop it – you’re killing me!”

She giggled, shrugged her small shoulders. She then kissed the top of my cock and slowly drew the wet crown into her mouth. To be honest, I could hardly feel much as she drew me in, but the sight of my cock disappearing into Molly’s mouth was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Slowly but firmly, she sucked my cock. I could now feel her lips and tongue guiding my cock in and out. Without thinking I tried to shove my dick as far into her mouth as possible. Quickly she grabbed the shaft with both bahis siteleri hands and jerked my cock out of her mouth. “I’ll do the fucking here, if you don’t mind!” she barked forcefully.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I stammered.

“And do not cum in my mouth – understand?”

“Yes, of course.” I said in the most reassuring voice I could muster.

Looking up again with those blue eyes, she smiled and plunged my cock back into her waiting mouth as far as her grip would allow. I guess she should have known by my moan and the tenseness of my body that I was very close to climaxing. With a sudden explosion, my warm cum erupted into her mouth just as she had taken my cock deep inside her mouth. She pulled me out of her mouth spitting the thick cum onto my legs as I shot another spray of cum across her chin. Again and again my cum erupted to splash across her chin, neck and top.

“That’s nasty!” she shouted.

“I didn’t mean to, here take this.” I pleaded as I hastily took my t-shirt off and offered it to her.

She took the t-shirt but instead of wiping her chin she quickly moved up and kissed me. It was one of those big open mouth kisses that passed cum into my mouth and smeared my face. “There!” she said with a hint of triumph in her voice as she handed my t-shirt back to me. “Maybe you should wipe your face.” she said with a smile.

“Thanks – it’s not all that bad, you know.” I replied as I wiped the cum from my mouth and chin. In fact, the taste of my own cum was not all that bad. At one time I took yoga classes hoping I would be able to self-suck, but never got limber enough. I only managed to ejaculate on my face and into my mouth.

As Molly lay back on the couch she removed her top and wiped the remaining cum off her face and neck. With no bra and with no hesitation two perfectly round breasts came plainly into sight, nipples erect and firm. I instinctively reached up and cupped both breasts in my hands. Molly put her hands over mine and directed them to the waist band of her jeans. “So easily distracted.” she remarked bahis şirketleri as she helped me pulled her jeans off, but leaving bright red panties in place. Moving her smooth tanned legs apart, she pointed to the red panties and commanded, “Go!”

Without hesitation, I moved to my knees and kissed and caressed her legs and inner thighs until I reached the red panties. As I traced the camel toe with my finger the fabric darkened with moisture. She was wet and ready for my part. She had been very much in control up to now, but it was now my turn. I pulled her wet panties off so I could see her clearly. There were two clean shaved mounds pressing together forming a thin tight line. I gently pushed her legs further apart until Molly was fully exposed. Waiting for me to explore was a moist pink valley that had a hooded mound running down to a small wet opening.

I licked the length of the valley from the small opening up to the hooded mound several times. Concentrated at the top of this beautiful valley – I alternated between my lips and tongue. I had no idea that the taste would be so exciting or that she could be so wet – my lips and chin were completely drenched.

Molly put a hand on my head to direct my lips. “Yes, Yes. Here – don’t stop!” she whispered in a low voice. Her breathing was becoming deep and I could feel her move with my each lick. She pushed up against me as I Inserted a finger into her wet hole. The opening readily accepted my finger and closed tightly around it. I quickly moved my finger in and out of her as I sucked more forcefully on her clit. With a soft cry, Molly sat up as far as she could while grabbing a handful of my hair. I continued lightly sucking on her clit a few seconds after her orgasm until I let her pull my head up and away from her.

Molly collapsed back onto the couch. “Oh, shit! That was amazing.” she managed to spit out between breaths. I moved up on her and kissed her with the same deep open kiss I had gotten from her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed back taking her cum in her mouth and across her chin. “I taste a hell of a lot better than you!” she remarked as she wiped the cum off of my chin. As we kissed again I realized that maybe that new confident guy was really going to happen, at least here in her arms.

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