Moon Dance

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I don’t remember how or what happened that led to the hilltop positioning of the Nissan hard body from hell. (My four wheel drive truck) I do remember that it was a warm, sweet summer night that featured a full moon. The magnetic draw of the lunar rays had an affect on both sexes of the earth bound humans.

I would imagine that I had inadvertently parked the hard body from hell in the maximum flux alignment area. Or it could have been the forty-four double D’s seeking a lunar tan. It could have been the Devil. Everything was culminated in a nude co-mingling of male and female musk’s. There were witnesses, some continued to chirp, some didn’t. All present would testify that the male exhibited a professional approach to the comforts of the female. This required that the passenger side door was the point of entry and had to be left open.

If you check the topographic charts the hilltop location is a three thousand foot stretch, cresting at 100 acres. Another thing you will notice is the map contains the numbers “666” at the hillcrest. This is the elevation of what I call Devils Knob. illegal bahis So everything could be blamed on the Devil. If the bi-furcated tailed evil one was watching, no one cared.

I had a dream about a similar event with an Indian maiden. She gave me the name, “Agile Elk.” I asked her if she was authorized to give out Indian names and she said that I had earned it. It was one of the best dreams I ever had.

Agile elk seems to be a good name. I recently saw a picture of a bull Elk using his rack to scratch his balls. He seemed like an agile Elk. He also seemed like a careful Elk. I don’t remember scratching my nuts as I was leaping about from headlight beam to opposing beam. I could have earned a far worse name. The Indian Maiden could have not liked my performance, and then I would be stuck with a not so good name. How about “one dog fuck” or “shit eating dog” or the “ten second man” or “buy me batteries.”

Agile Elk still had some good moves, not hand walking agility, not yoga flexibility. What he had was a hard dick. He was standing on his tip-toes and reaching and dipping, doing illegal bahis siteleri a modified walk-in. The female had her left leg jammed up under the dash board of the passenger’s side. Her right leg was using the open door as a power lever. Besides sporting 44 DD’s she had thighs that could crush a horses ribs. She was an apple shaped girl, her heritage, German. Huge knockers, huge thighs, no ass. Who cares, I’m not an ass type of guy.

I was working on taming the blonde haired beaver. It has a wild ride until I started getting a cramp in the calves of both legs. I worked with the pain. I let out a primal howl as the pain moved up and seized my balls. I fell into the grass a quivering mass of sticky male goo. I pulled myself up with my arms and started a lean to he left, lean to the right dance of pain. This was the only way I knew to relieve the cramps.

The female never said a word.

I moved back to my old position where I had tried to break her leg and the door. I reached in and grabbed my logging boots and put them on. I was not worried about socks or laces at a time canlı bahis siteleri like this. I needed full tread traction.

“Cramp, you heard me yell cramp didn’t you. That “one” doesn’t count. That’s a technique that I learned to keep my sperm count low.”

Agile Elk demonstrated his second moon lamped climax with an inpromptude nude dance in the amplification headlights of the hard body from hell. He leaped, he pranced, and he performed a male prowess dance. Yes, poetry was created.

The female watched from inside her comfort cave, she smiled. After the dance, Agile Elk did a walk around strut. I (Agile Elk) gathered my clothes from the hood of the truck, dressed, drove off the hill. Nothing was said. The drive down the hill has to be taken in first gear four wheel low. The limbs of the tree intertwine and guide you through the tunnel. You can only see forward in the range of the head lights.

The female said, “I loved your dance.”

Agile Elk’s reply, “First time for me.’

“Me to. What do you want to do now?”

“Let’s go to your place for a Tick inspection.”

Hill dance          spring leap          she smiles
Feeds two          swoop low          he prances
In the mood          male reserves     new for him
In the nude          Go, show go          moon shared dance

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20