My Cousin’s Girlfriend

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My parents split up in my first year of junior college, when I was just out of high school. My dad left and I didn’t get along with my mom – both of us were pretty emotional at the time – so my aunt Rosalyn offered to take me in until things settled down. A few months after I moved in, my cousin Nicole’s best friend Sherie moved in too. My cousin Nicole was about five years older than me, but she still lived at home. The house was pretty small, so Sherie stayed in Nicole’s bedroom. They both slept together on the same big king size bed.

Aunt Rosalyn was divorced too. She wasn’t home much. She worked two jobs; full time during the day and then three or four nights a week. So us three girls had the place to ourselves a lot of the time. One evening when Aunt Roz was at work, I heard what sounded like moaning coming from my cousin’s room. It didn’t sound painful. It sounded sexual. In fact, I got horny just listening to it. It made me want to touch my clit. At that time I was masturbating almost every night. I wondered if the other two girls were masturbating together in their bedroom. I wanted to see if I could catch my cousin and her best friend playing with themselves, so I went to have a peek. I got up and crept down the hall to Nicole’s room. The door was ajar. As softly as I could, I opened it just far enough to see.

To my delight, my cousin and Sherie were both lying naked on the bed, but they weren’t masturbating. They were fucking. Sherie was laying on top of Nicole, squeezing and sucking my cousin’s tits. Her legs were scissored over Nicole ‘s thigh; she was dry-humping her cunt against Nicole’s leg as she sucked on her nipples. It was a warm night; their bodies were shining with sweat. As I watched, Sherie began kissing her way down my cousin’s body. When she reached her cunt, Nicole spread her legs wide so Sherie could lick and fondle her open genitals. As Sherie sucked and fingered her pussy, my cousin started twisting and moaning out loud, until her body heaved and bucked and she cried out with pleasure.

I went back to my room and masturbated myself to orgasm. Twice.

After that I started to sneak over to watch them every chance I could, which was pretty much whenever Aunt Rosalyn was at work. I’d always take off all my clothes to watch them; I felt sexier that way. I would strip naked, then carefully creep to their door (which, happily, would never close properly) and play with myself in the nude while I watched them. I’d sit at the door with my legs open and feel my nipples and finger my wet little cunt as those two cute naked girls had hot lesbian sex. Both of them had really nice, big breasts and cute round asses. I loved seeing them kissing and fingering and licking each others’ pussies. I loved looking at their butts and vaginas and tits. It was a thrill when I got a glimpse of a little brown asshole.

I completely understood why my cousin loved holding and licking her friend’s delicious, very female body. I wanted badly to do it myself. I would watch them until I couldn’t stand it. Then I’d go back to my room and make myself have an orgasm. I stroked off my cunt a lot, day and night, during that time, thinking about those two sweeties fucking each other nasty and naked right down the hall from my room.

One night when Nicole was at work (she had some crappy restaurant job) I was sitting on my bed studying. Aunt Rosalyn was at work too. It was a warm evening and I was only wearing a T-shirt and panties. Sherie came into my room and said “hi”, and sat down by me on the bed to chat. She was wearing panties and a T-shirt too. I could see bulge of her breasts and a hint of her brown nipples through the thin shirt.

As we talked, Sherie started stroking my hair. She told me I was very pretty. She said I was growing up beautifully. I had known Sherie since I was eight or nine and she was about fourteen. She already had breasts at that time, and, being a little kid, I was very impressed with her; I thought she was this big, beautiful grown-up woman. I still kind of thought of her like that, so when she said I was getting to be very, very sexy, I was flattered. And I really liked her hands on my hair.

Then she surprised me. “You’ve been watching us, haven’t you?”

I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at her. Excitement began welling up in me.

“It’s OK. I saw you. Nicki doesn’t know. Have you been masturbating?”

I felt my face turn red with embarrassment.

“It’s OK,” she said again, “If I’d been you, I’d masturbate too.”

She ran a hand down my face and touched my mouth. I kind of kissed her hand. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. I turned my face to her, smiling through my embarrassment. I felt really relieved. Then she surprised me. She bent into me and kissed my lips softly. I loved it. I pressed my lips against hers, and she gently slid her tongue into my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her warm mouth too. We kissed for a few minutes. I really enjoyed feeling her tongue and mouth and lips on mine. Then Sherie sat up and illegal bahis pulled my T-shirt off over my head. My nipples were hard and erect. They were sticking right out from my hard little tits. Sherie began to stroke and squeeze my breasts as she kissed me.

We kissed for a little while, then Sherie left my lips and nibbled down my face and neck to my breasts. I almost fainted when she took a nipple in her mouth. She kissed it and rubbed her cheek against it before sucking it, just like I had seen her do with Nicole. The feel of a woman’s mouth sucking my tits was something I had imagined every time I played with myself. Excitement began to throb hard in my cunt.

Sherie paused for a moment to pull off her own shirt. I loved it. I loved the sight of her nice, full breasts, with their big, dark, pointy nipples. She put my hand on her left tit and I began to massage the round, tender globe of flesh. Her big nipples quickly got very erect. She leaned over to me and put one in my mouth. I wasted no time. I sucked and kissed that delicious breast for all I was worth. I loved running my tongue across the wrinkled, electric feeling skin of her nipples. I could have sucked her like a baby all night long.

Sherie slid down off the bed in front of me and pulled off my panties. I lifted my hips to help her. Then she slipped out of her own panties; we were both completely naked. She stood up and pulled me to my feet and held me against her. I was so excited I was trembling. I could feel the wetness between my legs. I wondered if Sherie’s cunt was as wet as mine. The thought sent a flash of excitement through my pussy and clit and asshole.

Sherie was taller than me. I tilted my head up to her. I was ready for her. She kissed my open mouth tenderly and caressed and squeezed my breasts. Then her hands stroked down my quivering body to my ass. We kissed. She played with my butt cheeks while I played with her nipples.

Then Sherie slipped her lips off mine and turned me around so she could fondle my ass directly. She kissed my back and neck as she caressed and squeezed my buttocks. She massaged my butt cheeks and pulled them open, then pushed her hand between my legs and stroked out and up my back, letting her finger slide hard over my tender little asshole. It felt so good that I cried out. Sherie smiled.

She turned me again to face her. She pressed her warm body against me, then reached down with her hands and gently pushed my legs apart. I took a little sideways step to open my legs for her. Her hand slid between my legs and she began to caress my pussy. She pulled me close to her. She held my ass with one hand while the other hand explored my vagina. Her fingers stroked every inch of my wet, hot vulva. Every touch sent quivers through me. She found my clit and masturbated it expertly, nearly making me cum on the spot. Then her finger found my hole and she slipped her fingers up into me, rubbing the tender, wet inside of my cunt. I nearly collapsed.

When her finger went into me so easily, she kind of pulled back and looked at me, then asked me why I was not a virgin. I told her my ex-boyfriend and I had been had been fucking since I was thirteen. It was one of the reasons my mom and I didn’t get along, even though he always wore a condom. But he would just push his cock into me, cum, pull out, and leave. He never gave me any pleasure.

“He never made me feel good like you do.” I told her. She smiled.

Then she said, in her sexiest voice, “Have you ever had your pussy licked?” I shook my head no. “Would you like me to lick your pussy?” she asked. I couldn’t talk. When I nodded yes, she lowered me on my back on the bed. She lifted one of my legs high and caressed the other one straight so I was spread wide apart and very open. I could feel the warm air on my pussy lips and clit.

Sherie snuggled up against my naked ass and spread the swollen, excited lips of my vagina with her fingertips. Then she leaned over and placed her mouth right over my clit and began to lick and suck it. I lost all control. My hips began heaving in time to the movements of her head and tongue. I could feel my pussy actually pulse with excitement. Hot sexual pleasure pulsed through my groin and cunt.

Sherie put her fingers up my hole and started fucking them in and out of me as she licked my clitoris. I could feel how wet I was making her fingers and hand. I wondered again if Sherie’s tasty vagina was that wet too; it gave me another sweet throb of excitement to think of it.

Sherie began licking me harder and harder, her tongue sliding in wide strokes from one end of my throbbing pussy to the next. Then she worked her tongue deep into my hole. As she spread the hole open and her tongue entered me and her lips rubbed against my clit again and again, I just couldn’t keep from cumming! I orgasmed! I orgasmed over and over on her tongue and mouth and lips! It was so exquisite! Intense sexual pleasure jolted through my body again and again! I thrashed about with pleasure; it was all Sherie could do to illegal bahis siteleri keep licking my vulva, but she held on and kissed and tongued my clit and my sweet hole for what seemed like forever, making me throb and twitch and moan with pleasure time after time.

Finally, she was finished. She slid up my body and lay on top of me smiling. She kissed me, and I could taste and smell my orgasm on her mouth and chin and cheeks.

We rested a while, and I fell asleep. I had a dream that there was a naked girl sitting beside me who had a penis. Her cock was big and erect. The girl was playing with her dick with one hand while she caressed my breasts with the other. I awoke to find Sherie stroking my nipples. She was sitting on the bed beside me, her legs open, masturbating her own wet vagina with one hand and fondling my nipples with the other.

When she saw that I was awake, Sherie told me to get on my hands and knees on the floor. I slid off the bed and did as she said. As soon as I was in place she kneeled behind me and spread my ass cheeks open. Then she began rubbing her face against my asshole. “Your ass needs to be licked,” she said, “you’ll love it.” I was sure she was right.

Sherie pressed her mouth against my butt and began licking my asshole as hard as she could. She ran her tongue around my puckered anus, then pushed it hard, right into my asshole. As she tongued my ass her hands massaged my ass cheeks, spreading them apart, opening my anal orifice for her. She sure knew her way around an asshole. Too soon she removed her tongue from my anus. I was disappointed, but then she slipped her middle finger right up my butt. I kind of jumped with surprise; it was a bit much! But Sherie just kissed me and whispered, “Just relax, sweetie! You will love my finger. Just let it go in. Enjoy it. It can do way more than my tongue”.

I believed her, and she was right. I loved her finger in my ass. She stroked in and out, in and out, fucking my ass with her finger. I think she poured some oil on my ass, or something, because it sure got slippery down there. Her finger just slid right in. As Sherie felt my ass relax she inserted one more finger. Those two fucking fingers felt like pure heaven in my asshole. I was moaning and twitching, loving every stroke. Then Sherie slipped two fingers of her other hand into my cunt. She found my clit with her thumb and began masturbating me, fucking both holes at the same time, until she had me screaming in orgasm again! I came all over her hands, again and again. It was so good! I was in heaven!

When the orgasms subsided I must have crawled back up onto the bed, because I remember Sherie tucking me in. Before she left she kissed me again. “You are a hot little sexpot, sweetheart! Tomorrow we’ll do it again.” She smiled. I could hardly wait. I wanted to have her lick and finger me all over again, and I wanted to do the same to her. I told her so, and she smiled. I suggested that after she taught me to eat pussy and ass maybe I could come into bed with her and Nicole. I said we could have orgies together. I thought of having two tongues on my pussy, and asked Sherie if she had ever done that. She just smiled, then she kissed me.

“I don’t think we should tell Nicole what we’ve been doing,” she said. I asked her why. “Because,” she said softly, “Your cousin is a jealous bitch.” We both laughed, and that’s all I remember until the next morning; I was out cold that night; all those beautiful lesbian orgasms had used up every drop of my energy.

We didn’t make love for several nights after that. Either Aunt Rosalyn or Nicole was home every night. When Nicole was at home on the nights Aunt Rosalyn worked, I could hear Sherie making love to her. I masturbated when I listened to them, but I was filled with a mixture of jealousy and envy and sexual excitement. Sometimes I found myself crying while I orgasmed.

Then one night Sherie and I were finally alone. I had made a plan. I stripped completely naked and went and knocked softly on the door of her room. I was trembling with excitement. Sherie had just come home from work and was still dressed in a skirt and blouse. She smiled when she opened the door and saw me naked.

She took my hand and led me to the bed. She sat down and slipped off her blouse. I knelt down nude in front of her and rubbed my breasts against her knees. Then I reached up and unfastened her bra and slipped it off to reveal her round, soft breasts. I had been thinking about those delicious tits. I kissed each of them, one by one, squeezing them softly and lingering to suck each nipple. Sherie trembled and gasped a little.

I fumbled with her skirt. She slid out of it. Her panties were really thin. I could see her dark little patch of pubic hair and the slit of her vulva right through them. There was a little blush of moisture along the crack of her vagina. That gave my cunt a sweet, hot throb. I gently pushed her legs apart. She opened herself for me and lifted her hips invitingly. I stretched her legs open as wide canlı bahis siteleri as they would go, then softly put my hand on her pubic mound. It felt warm and damp and vibrant. I slowly started to stroke her vagina through her panties. Her body spasmed and she moaned softly. She lifted herself up briefly to put some pillows behind her back, then leaned back sensuously. She made me think of a cat getting its stomach rubbed. I sucked and fondled her breasts and nipples again. Then I pulled off her panties.

The lips of her vagina had become very wet. They were glistening with sex juice. I touched the lips of her vagina. It was so exciting! I had never touched a woman like that before! I lightly stroked her labia with my fingertips, up and down, all the way from her clit to her asshole. She was gazing at me, her eyes smoldering with excitement. I leaned over and pulled her vaginal lips open. I nuzzled her wet, juicy aromatic cunt with my face. Then I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue and licked it tenderly. Sherie quivered and let out a moan. I was so excited! I felt like masturbating! I put my hand between my legs and pressed against my clit! I almost made myself cum!

Sherie’s clitoris was so erect that the shiny, pink wet little head of it was sticking out. I kissed it, then pulled away and started to stroke it with my fingertips, very slowly. Up and down her clit, my fingers sinking deeper and deeper into her vagina at the bottom of each stroke, I caressed her hot little nub and wet, hungry slit over and over.

Sherie was breathing hard, gyrating her pelvis with every movement of my fingers. I stroked my finger up and down her clit with one hand and caressed the inside of her thigh and the lips of her cunt with the other. As I masturbated her harder and harder, I slid my other hand up her body to squeeze and fondle her breasts. I twisted and pulled her nipple, and she cried out with pleasure.

I moved my fingers faster and faster on her pubis. Her clit felt vibrant and electric. I could feel her excitement tingling through my fingers, right down into me, making my vagina and clit and asshole glow hot with pleasure. Sherie was gasping and moaning. Then I stroked my finger down to the base of her clit, down to her hot, wet, delicious slit and slowly pushed my fingers up into her. She was so warm and tender feeling, and so wet! My whole hand was wet with her sex juice!

I mounted her leg so I could rub my cunt against her. Her body was covered with a film of sexual sweat. Her smooth, wet skin felt so sweet against my pussy lips. I pressed my vagina hard against her so I could touch her with my clit. A thrill of pleasure ran through me when my clitoris made contact with her skin. I humped my sex against her as I masturbated her throbbing pussy. She moaned as I slid my fingers in and out of her. Then a beautiful thing happened. As I was pushing my fingers in and out of her vagina, my ring finger slipped into her asshole! She cried out in pleasure, and I could feel a spasm of excitement throb through her.

I leaned down to suck her tits some more, but she sat up. We had been kind of on the edge of the bed. She scooted over into the middle of the bed and spread her legs. I followed and kneeled beside her with my legs open. Sherie began masturbating with one hand, stroking her fingers up and down her cunt, pushing her pelvis rhythmically against her hand as she stimulated and caressed her clit. Then she reached out with the other hand and touched me between the legs. Her finger pushed between my swollen labia and she found my clit. She began stroking me. Her fingers probed in and out of my slit as she slid them up and down my wetness. The base of her hand pressed again and again against my throbbing clitoris. Pleasure pulsed through my vagina with every stroke of her hand!

Then Sherie kind of grabbed my hips and ass and pulled and guided me onto her body until I was kneeling over her face on all fours, looking down at her pussy. She took a pillow and put it under her head so her mouth was closer to my cunt, then pushed another pillow under her ass, lifting her wet vagina up for me. Her tits were between my legs. I squeezed them and pulled her nipples. I relaxed my body down onto hers; I loved the feel of her breasts against my tummy.

Her vagina was open and ready for me; her cunt lips were pink and wet; she had a little patch of pubic hair; it was soaked with sex juice. Her clit was sticking out of its hood of skin like a little penis. I licked it! A spasm shook Sherie’s hips and she moaned out loud. I put my face between her legs and rubbed my mouth and cheeks against her wet cunt . Sherie cried out with pleasure and began fucking herself against my face. I wanted her to lick me! I pressed my vagina down onto her open, waiting mouth. Her tongue went right to my clit, and waves of pleasure shook my asshole and pussy!

We started fucking each other, licking and humping against each other! Sherie’s tongue felt so good against my clit! Sex pleasure pulsed and built inside me! Sherie was moaning and squirming with pleasure! We mouth-fucked each other’s cunts, harder and harder, faster and faster! I was getting so hot! The sex excitement was building up inside me! I felt like I was going to cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20