My First Bisexual Experience

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It all started innocently enough. My best friend, Andrea and I were in a local department store on a hot June day. I had been searching for a light blouse and found one I wanted to try. I found Andrea and told her I was going to the fitting room and try it on. She said it was pretty and followed me to the fitting rooms. We had shared a room before so I thought nothing when she followed me inside. I pulled the top I was wearing off when Andrea told me she was so horny. I didn’t say anything and reached past her to get the new blouse off the hanger. She pulled me to her and just as if we had done it for a million times we kissed. An electric shock flowed through my body and I melted into her. My lips parted and her tongue mingled with mine. The kiss was making me weak and I embraced her harder to keep from dropping to my knees. As we separated, I looked into her eyes and saw the pure lust that she must be seeing in mine.

We didn’t say much at all as we left the store and headed to my house. As I pulled into my drive, I looked over at her. I didn’t know what was going to happen next but I knew I had to have her. We no sooner got the door to the house closed; we were back in a most intimate embrace. As I kissed her, I pulled at her blouse and released it from her slacks. The buttons flew and soon she had my top pulled over my head. We were dropping clothes in the hallway on our way to my bedroom. We barely made it to my bed and all I had left on were a thigh high and panties. Andrea was completely undressed and we fell back on the bed holding each other.

I was beginning to kiss her neck and she was running her hands down my body. She grabbed at the top of my panties and started to push them off my hips. I raised up a little to let her get them down. The coolness of the room hit the wetness that had coated my mound. Andreas’ hand covered me and her palm pushed against me so there was pressure on my hard clit. I moaned and buried my face deeper into her neck. My hands had found her breasts and I pinched each nipple between my thumb and middle finger while my index finger flicked over the casino siteleri tips. They were so hard and soft at the same time. I always love it when mine are done that way and I was sure she was too.

First one then two fingers slipped into me and started moving on the upper side of my tunnel. She kept her palm applying pressure to my clit as those two fingers slid around making me feel like I was going to explode. My juices were flowing so much that I could feel them wetting the bed.

“Do me” Andrea whispered.

I let one of her nipples go and imitated what she was doing to me. She was hot and wet as I put my finger in her. She let out a cry that made me proud to be with her at that moment. I moved my fingers like she was moving in me and we were both moaning into each other.

I moved my mouth down to the nipple I was pinching and took it. My teeth captured her hard nub and my tongue fluttered over the tip. I did to her what I love done to me and she reacted by running her free hand behind my head and pulling me tight to her. Her fingers were driving me crazy and I felt myself bucking into her hand, pushing my clit harder and harder against it. She was screwing back at my fingers too. I could feel the wet sticky fluid come out of her and wanted to taste her. I felt her swelling lips and knew she would not be long. I also knew it would not be long for me too. She moaned loudly as I pulled my fingers out of her and brought her juices to my lips. I tasted her for the first time.

Andrea pushed my head down her stomach and pushed up her mound as my lips came closer. I did all the things I wanted her to do to me. First I began kissing the curls and smelling the sweetness of her scent. Her hands gripped my hair as I let my tongue gently part the hairs and find her swollen lips. The juices kept pulling me on as I found the bottom of her slit and let my tongue slide up to her clit. She went wild as I kept moving my tongue up and down her hard little nub. Andrea pulled and pushed my head all around on her as I drove my tongue deep into her hole. Her juices came thicker canlı casino and I tasted her cum as it flowed out of her. Her moans and the way she held my head told me I was doing it right. I wanted her to keep covering my mouth with her sweet juices. I tasted and drank all she was giving. I believe she would have passed out if I hadn’t stopped when she asked me to. She pulled my head up to hers and we kissed and she licked all the juices off my face. I loved how her tongue washed her own juices.

She started to move down my body and drove me wild every inch of the way. First my neck, then my breasts. God how I love the way she sucks my nipples. She was holding both my breasts as she moved her lips lower, past my belly button, down to my mound. I have had men do this to me but Andrea knew just what to do to make it better than I had ever had before. It was not as if she was eating but more like she was making out with my pussy. She licked and sucked and tongued and blew and nibbled me through at least three mind shattering orgasms. I know I went wild and was moaning and twisting and rising up to meet her oral feast. Andrea kept it up longer than anyone had ever before. The sensations kept coming over and over again. She had both my nipples in her hands and was pulling them as her tongue stroked across my clit time and time again. I must have been moaning loud enough for the neighbors to hear and they live at least a half mile down the road.

She came up and kissed me, I tasted myself on her lips and tongue. I couldn’t help but lick my juices off her. It was so different and sexy at the same time. We made out like that for a little bit then she said she wanted to screw my tit. I was eager but I wasn’t sure what she wanted till she slid up my body and placed her mound lightly on my right breast. She had me hold it with both hands as she rubbed into the hard tip of my nipple. The sensations were maddening as her juices covered my breast and hands. She rubbed her clit into me faster and faster. It was a sight as I looked up at her face, eyes closed and lips parted, panting as she kaçak casino was bringing herself to a climax. I actually wanted to put my breast in and screw her with it. That is what I was doing! She started to cum. I wanted her to put that beautiful pussy on my mouth and cum all over my face. She screamed and leaned forward as I felt a hot gush of liquid. God it was so good feeling and she quickly slid down my body and began licking and kissing my breast. I brought my hands to my mouth and licked the sweet juices off them and was going wild from Andrea sucking and licking on me.

She took one of her hands and started on my pussy again. I wanted her to finger me so deep. She slipped two then three fingers into me and started moving them back and forth and up and down inside me. I think several times she hit my spot because I would try to push back against her each time. I know I came twice and when she moved her mouth down and took my cilt between her lips, I stiffened and came harder than I ever had in my life. She sucked my pussy out, as I laid moaning and groaning and wondering if I would ever get over the sensations. Not that I wanted to but I don’t ever remember cumin that hard or deep or long. I was totally satisfied and wanted to just lie there and drown in the sensations.

Andrea finished licking me and kissed her way back up to my lips. We wrapped our arms around each other and rolled around on the bed kissing. She told me she had wanted to do me for a long time and she didn’t know how I would react. I just pulled her lips back to mine and kissed her deeply.

I wanted to hold her like that forever but she broke our embrace and started putting her clothes on. I dreamily watched as she dressed. She came over and sat on the bed as she was buttoning her blouse and leaned down and kissed me. She made me get up and get my clothes on and take her back to her house. I wanted to go inside with her but she told me to go back home and she would call me later.

So that is how it happened. We have made love a couple of times since then but none have been as exciting or fulfilling as the first. I was so confused at first, thinking I may be turning into a lesbian or wondering how it was going to affect our friendship. Letting my feelings out has helped a lot and I thank you for listening.

Hugs and kisses,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20