My First Girl

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I was in college when it happened. College itself is like a gateway drug. You do it and it opens you up to many different ideas and experiences, and eventually you get over whelmed and crumble at the feet of your wasted money.

This is not how all experiences are perceived of course, but that’s how I felt starring into my mirror the morning after. It wasn’t a bad feeling, my grades were slipping, my social life was expanding, and I had gotten my first hickey from a girl; my first lesbian experience.

The Seduction

It was actually my idea. I had gotten it into my head that I needed at least one lesbian experience. Gay friends of mine thought it was a terrific idea. I had always played with the idea that I could be bi. All I needed was a willing participant.

Her name was Adriana. She was Mexican and two years older than me. I picked her out of my group of friends because she was the most…willing. She was constantly talking about how horny she was, about how she needed to fuck her boyfriend, how good her past fucking session was, about things she wanted to shove inside her pussy. At first I couldn’t take it, it disgusted me. But then I started to become aroused by her stories.

She’d often tease me. She’d sit on my lap and shake her ass around. She’d lie down next to me when I was being lazy on a mutual friend’s bed. She’d hold my hand while we walked. She’d flash me in pools. I don’t think she every purposely meant this all to lead to an erotic night, but it sure helped.

I had originally asked her if she wanted to be a model for a photo shoot where she would be nude. She consented. I extended the invitation from being my model to staying with me that night. I don’t casino siteleri know if she knew why I asked her to stay, she didn’t give any hints to knowing my intentions, but she agreed that it would be fun to have a sleep over.

So we did, I watched her take off her clothes with an expressionless face even though I could feel the space between my legs warming up. I had her position herself on my bed and I shot her. There was nothing remotely pornographic about those pictures. I didn’t have her lay on my bed with her legs spread. I just had her pose like a standard, artsy shoot.

But it made me wild. After the shoot we both just laid in my bed watching TV. It was quiet, but my mind was buzzing with ideas on how to get her to consent to experiment with me. At some point her arms went around me and my face went into her neck. After a couple of minutes we’d both reposition ourselves to get closer to each other.

She lifted her head up and looked at me. I stared into her eyes and smiled.

“Are you a lesbian?” she asked me. I told her I was bi.

“Would it be weird if I wanted to kiss you?” she asked me. I told her no. And then her lips touched mine. They were so soft, the softest I had ever felt – a woman’s lips – so tender.

And then she began to eat my face. The softness turned to ferocity and passion. Her tongue pushed its way past my teeth and her mouth opened wide to try to take all my lips and tongue in. She was moving at such a fast pace that I felt like my breath had escaped me. Her mouth then moved from my own to my neck where she sucked fiercely.

Her hands were everywhere. They were at my face, then at my hair massaging my scalp. Then they cupped canlı casino my tits and stroked my pussy through my jeans. I was getting so hot, and I could tell she was getting hot too.

We had rolled around the bed some trying to dry hump each other. She suggested we get on the floor, and we did. I was on top of her as I ground my hips into hers. We were in a tribbing position with our legs cross in such a way that allowed our pussies to bump. We moved our hips rhythmically as moans escaped from both of us. I so wanted to feel her warm cunt on my pussy. I wanted to grind into her, I wanted her naked, I wanted to feel her tits, I wanted them in my mouth.

She stopped moving at some point, just stopped. I got off of her, spit dripping from my chin, and panting. She hurriedly stood up.

“That’s never happened before. I can’t believe I just had my first lesbian experience,” she said.

“I know. That was my first time too.” I was frustrated, but it didn’t matter. I examined myself in the mirror and noticed a giant hickey that she had left me. I concealed it easily.

Then we headed out to go to the movies with friends.

The Second Time and Frustration

We had arrived at my bedroom later that night. Decided to watch a movie and then get ready for bed. I let her use some of my clothes.

It was just us two in my dorm. She was facing the wall and I was spooning her. At some point I wanted to strike again so I whispered into her ear, “Would it be weird if I wanted to kiss you?” She told me no, but she stayed in her position. She didn’t turn around. I just lay in the bed, stroking her arm up and down. Then she took my hand and placed it under her shirt. My kaçak casino fingers massaged her breasts very softly. I played with her nipples.

At some point she turned around and asked me if I wanted her to finger bang me. I told her yes. She slipped her hand down my shorts, found my clit and pressed. It was very rough. She squeezed and pushed and pulled. It was all very painful and uncomfortable.

“Softer,” I would tell her. And she’d let up a little bit. She was searching for my hole and I wasn’t letting her in, not with how rough she was fingering me. I kept asking her, “softer.” Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I did what I had done with Glen, the first guy to ever finger me; I faked the orgasm so get her to stop, then I kissed her shoulder.

“That was awesome,” I lied.

My hand went down her stomach and stayed over her shorts as I tried to find her clit. I found something soft and began to rub.

“You are so cute…you haven’t found my pussy yet,” she laughed. Then she moved my arm to where it was. Instantly my fingers moved and prodded through the shorts. She moaned (of course, after my own faked orgasm it was hard to tell if she was really moaning or not). And after a few minutes she came.

It was quiet. Then she started asking talking to me about her ex-boyfriend and clothes and shoes, she started talking to me about college and friends and the movies we had seen. I laid there, occasionally throwing in a, “Mmm hmm,” or a, “ha.” I wasn’t really listening. I just wanted her to go to sleep.

I started thinking about what had happened. I had the lesbian experience I wanted, it wasn’t exactly what I thought I’d be. I realized that, while reaching for pussy, I was trying to reach for her dick. I missed that throbbing mass in my hands. I have the same parts as her, what fun are two of the same thing?

Don’t get me wrong. I could still sleep with women, but at least now I knew that I prefer men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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