My Kimiko

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So you know a little about me, I always did the boy thing until college. Before then and growing up, I thought girls were attractive but it was more about wanting to have their clothes and cute style. I never thought of them other than as friends. In high school, I dated guys and they swarmed all over me like bees. That’s when I realized guys operate on a totally different emotional level than girls. There was very little emotional bonding. If they kissed, it was because they just wanted sex. Sex was fast and furious. There was hardly any foreplay, it didn’t last very long and after they came, they’d roll over and go to sleep or get up and leave. For them, the thrill was gone, while for me I was just getting warmed up. That didn’t seem to bother them, they’d had their orgasm and that’s all they were interested in. When it came to oral sex, that’s where the double standard was most evident. I often dreamed about having someone’s tongue and lips down there, kissing and licking my pussy until I had a screaming orgasm. In these dreams, I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman doing the licking. Looking back, I now think it was a woman because of the long, flowing hair and feeling its softness against my inner thighs as I looked down and saw myself being licked. But back to my story….”

With my female lovers, it’s totally different. Girls are in tune with each other emotionally. We’re have soft skin, smell nicer and are much more romantic and caring than guys We love to kiss, cuddle and touch for hours, have many orgasms, then kiss and cuddle afterwards. We also like to dress up in sexy lingerie, in a comfortable bed, with candles burning and soft music in the background. Kimiko, my first female lover, introduced me to the wonderful world of women and she changed my life forever.

Kimiko was a visiting student from Japan, and we met at the student orientation for business majors right as college started. She was a stunning Asian girl from Japan, with a cute accent, long black hair, beautiful face, piercing black eyes and an incredible smile. All the guys wanted her, (and me, casino oyna for that matter) but I ended up winning her heart, and she won mine as well. It was an intense relationship, the best I ever had, and I’ll always love her. Things began quite innocently – fellow business students, just starting college. In the first couple months, we became fast friends, seeing each other from the time we met in the student cafeteria for morning coffee until late at night, studying together in the library.

The second month into the semester, there was an overnight field trip to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and we both decided to go. On the ride down in the rented bus, we sat together, talking and laughing about everything under the sun. I had grown to really like Kimiko. Besides being very attractive, she was smart, quick and funny – just the kind of girl you’d do anything for. After we toured the Aquarium, the bus drove our group to a small restaurant across from the motel where we’d be spending the night. The meal was pretty good, and afterwards, everyone headed to the motel for the night.

It just happened Kimiko’s room and mine were right next to each other. Even better, we found there was an inside connecting door between our rooms. Kimiko invited me to come into her room through the connecting door after I settled in and showered, so we could watch some TV together. It sounded like a good idea to me, so I took a shower, and brushed my teeth. I thought about changing into my nightie, but decided to go over in my day clothes. I knocked on the connecting door, and Kimiko opened it, smiled, and asked me to come in. She’d just finished her shower, had on a silk Japanese bathrobe and was wearing her Asian slippers. As she walked around her room, I remember thinking how cute her small feet were, and admired her petite features. I was a little jealous, and thought whatever guy snags Kimiko will be fortunate indeed.

We both sat on her bed, watching TV, but somehow I couldn’t keep myself focused. Kimiko’s body lying next to me caused my heart to beat like a drum. Even worse, I canlı casino felt myself getting wet. We’d never been this alone and close together before, like we were now in the motel room on Kimiko’s bed. Instead of looking at the TV, I kept glancing at her cute feet and felt a hot tingle of excitement begin deep inside me. Oh no, I thought, this can’t be happening, not to me, not here.

Suddenly, I found myself daydreaming of kissing her cute feet, and sucking on each toe, one by one. Then, just like a TV channel, my mind switched and said “what’s wrong with you Amy?” Just as quickly, I switched back to thinking about her cute feet, and me kissing them and sucking on her toes. Just the thought of even doing this made my nipples harden. I had to do something, anything. Maybe I should tell Kimiko I felt sick and go back to my room? Another part of my mind, the bad part, said “no Amy, lean over and kiss her feet.” I was on the horns of a dilemma and didn’t know what to do.

Finally, I worked up the nerve to tell Kimiko how beautiful her feet were. She smiled, bowed slightly and said “thank you” in Japanese. When I glanced at Kimiko, I noticed she was looking at me with an intense, almost hypnotic look in her sparkling eyes.

“Is everything ok, Kimiko?” I asked her, feeling my wetness building up and now soaking my panties. I pressed my legs tightly together, and felt pounding in my temples. It took a few moments for Kimiko to reply, it seemed she was thinking something over in her mind.

Finally, she said, “I’m very hungry, Amy,” in her soft, cute Japanese accent.

“But, we just finished eating,” I pointed out.

“No, it’s not for food Amy,” she answered, staring down at the bed sheets.

“Then what?” I asked, noticing my forehead and hands were beginning to sweat, like I was nervous taking a test.

“I like you Amy, I like you so much, . . . can I please give you a kiss?” she asked softly, as her hand caressed the side of my head, stopping at my shoulder.

My mind changed channels again. “I don’t know, Kimiko,” I replied nervously, kaçak casino “we’re both girls, and isn’t it wrong”?

“Not if we both like each other,” she answered, “do you like me Amy?” She moved her head a little closer and stared at me intently, her dark eyes looking deeply into mine.

I felt myself blush, and my pussy was throbbing. I glanced lovingly at her, opened my lips to say something, but couldn’t speak. Both channels in my mind were now frozen and I was completely under her spell. Seeing my parted lips, she slipped her arm around me and gently moved her beautiful face towards mine. I went with the flow and stared into her dark, exciting eyes.

Slowly, our lips met and we kissed. She began slowly, just brushing my lips with her own, backing off, then repeating the contact, several times. Each touch became a little bit less tentative and a bit firmer. While she did this, Kimiko also softly caressed my neck and ears. She’d occasionally break her kiss to nuzzle the same areas with her lips, planting a series of light kisses on my neck and ears, then always returning to my lips. Soon we were kissing deeply.

I felt her tongue lightly pressing at my lips, trying to enter my mouth. I automatically opened up, accepting entry and our tongues immediately sought each other out, rubbing against one another. We took turns sucking on each other’s tongues and lips, followed by more kisses and exploring the depths of our mouths. She caressed my breasts as we kissed, driving my excitement and making my nipples harden even more. I massaged her small breasts in return. This excited her as well, her little nipples hardened and soon we were both kissing passionately and moaning. I’d never felt anything as exciting and stimulating.

After twenty minutes or so had passed, she broke our embrace, put her lips to my ear and whispered “Go to your room, undress and come back to me.” She kissed and nuzzled my ear and neck, whispering again “…hurry Amy!” My body was on auto pilot. I stood up, feeling dizzy and light headed, and went through the connecting door into my room. I felt my heart pounding and palms sweating. I quickly undressed and noticed my panties were soaked. I took them off, washed up, put on my nightie, and was ready to return as requested.

(end of Chapter 1)

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