My Roommate

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My name is Karen and it was my first day at college. I got to my room and was try to get settled in. After my first day of classes I decided to take a shower. I got cleaned up and grabbing a towel, walking out into my room. It was then that my new roommate Lisa came walking in. Lisa had shoulder length brown hair and a very cute face. I knew right then that we would get along just fine. Lisa stood and stared at me.

She then said, “Let me help you.”

Before I could say a word she took the towel from my hands and started to towel off my back. I had never had a female ever do anything like this to me before. Lisa rubbed the water from my back then walked in front of me. She wiped across my breasts and down between my cleavage. She then worked down my belly then to my pussy. I was getting shivers as she did this. My nipples were getting very hard about now. She passed the towel up and down my slit and then down my thighs.

Lisa then did the unexpected. She knelt down and let the towel drop from her hands. She placed her hands around the back of my legs and drew her face to my pussy. I usually try to keep my bush cut down close to my body. Lisa pushed her face to my pussy and slipped her tongue into me. I tried to back up, but Lisa wouldn’t let me pull away.

She flicked her tongue up and down my slit. That action was giving me shivers all over my body. Lisa looked up at me then worked her tongue upwards. She began to nibble, casino oyna then bite my clit. The few guys I had slept with up to this point never did this to me. Most of the boys wanted to get their rocks off and never bothered to go down on me. This was my first time with anyone.

I was getting so hot, my pussy was dripping. Lisa then stood up and moved me towards the bed. She pushed me down on my back. Lisa then stood there and removed her clothes. I looked like a young girl compared to Lisa. Her breasts were large and she had the full hips of an adult woman. Lisa then spread my thighs and crawled in between. Lisa was completed shaved bald. She then lifted one of my legs in the air.

Lisa moved in close and started to rub her pussy against mine. I could feel her pussy lips grinding into mine. I could always orgasm with ease. Lisa was bringing me to the edge. She pounded her mound against me and then rubbed her slit up and down as hard as possible.

I groaned then began to squirt my female fluids all over Lisa. This made Lisa go wild. She just wouldn’t stop her aggressive rubbing. I just kept cumming until I was spent lying there on the bed covers. I watched as Lisa went to a dresser drawer and pull one of her “toys” out. It was a strap-on dildo. Lisa slipped the straps around her waist. The dildo cock was easily the biggest I had ever seen.

The cock was flesh colored, long and thick. Lisa then crawled between my legs once canlı casino more. She held the cock in her hand and began to rub the cockhead up and down my pussylips. I was having a hard time controlling myself. Lisa then slipped the shaft into my oozing pussy. I nearly came off the bed. Lisa worked the cock inside me slowly then pushed the whole thing in me.

The breath went out of my body. Lisa then fucked me like a man would. She went so deep I could feel the head reaching up to my stomach. Lisa lifted my legs and pushed them against my titties. She fucked me as hard as any man had previously. My body was putty in her hands. I didn’t think it possible but I began to cum once more.

I squirted more of my cum all over that hard shaft. Lisa never let up. She pumped me for what seemed like hours. I am normally very quiet making love but I was screaming like a pig. Lisa then pulled the cock out of me and removed it from her waist. Lisa climbed on top of me. It was my first time kissing a woman so passionately. Lisa also worked her mouth all over my nipples. She teased them and bit them with her teeth. Between the kissing and Lisa grinding her pussy against me, I came again.

When Lisa was finished with me I felt like a wet leaf on the ground. I just couldn’t make my body move. This was the first of many love sessions with Lisa that year. One of her first acts was to trim my bush down with scissors and then shave me down. She like her kaçak casino women clean shaven, she told me. I still dated a few guys that semester. This seemed to make Lisa mad when I did this. She had wanted me all to herself. I still liked the company of men, and I told her so.

When the second year at school arrived I decided to find a small apartment off campus. I hadn’t asked Lisa to move in because she seemed to want to control me more than I had wanted, especially in the matter of seeing other men. I did meet Lisa at a party that year and we went back to her place one evening. Lisa wanted me to return the favor. I had to put the strap around me and fuck her pussy.

Once I pushed the cock into Lisa she began to call me a bitch and a slut. She told me to fuck her as hard as I could. I was nowhere as good as Lisa was in this department. I was sort of clumsy and I wasn’t aggressive as Lisa could be. I did make her cum, but I preferred when she was dominant. She did return the favor and fucked me hard as she had before. I even let her push the dildo up into my ass.

I screamed and begged her to take it out, but Lisa wasn’t the sort to let up. I was shooting my cum all over as Lisa had her way with me. After that episode Lisa and I sort of lost contact at school. Maybe I really wasn’t her type after all.

I have now graduated from school and found a job nearby. I have a steady boyfriend who seems to love me. I have to say there are times when I am by myself I pull out a vibrator and think of Lisa. I call out her name and fantasize about how we made love together. Lisa if you ever read this, please contact me. I miss our lovemaking together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20