My Summer Vacation

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After my sophomore year at DU, I decided to stay in town for the summer instead of going back home. I liked my apartment and didn’t want to find a new one in the fall, so I decided to stay the summer and take a course or two.

I had a “full boat” scholarship, so I got full semester cash if I took as little as two courses over the summer. Plus, my parents are pretty well-off, so I didn’t have to worry about work. I figured on taking a couple of “bunny” courses, ‘cause, hey, an extra “A” on the transcripts never hurt anyone, right?

Anyway, my best friend from high school, Angela, called up one day and asked if she could come for a visit. We had only seen each other for a couple of weeks since high school, so of course I was excited to have her.

I picked up Angie at the new DIA, and we laughed about how it looks like a circus tent. She said that she could only stay a week, so I showed her all around Denver, and we took drives and hikes in the mountains. She told me about Boston College, where she goes to school, and I showed her DU’s campus. When I wasn’t in class, we were inseparable. One week became two, then three, then four.

My parents had given me a really expensive camera for graduation which I had never learned to use properly, so I was taking a photography class. One night, we were drinking wine and looking at some of my black-and-white still-lifes when she asked if I’d take her picture. I hadn’t tried black-and-white portraits, so I was eager to try. We moved the couch and chair, took the big Monet print off the wall, tilted the lampshades, and voila, instant studio.

She was a great model, very inventive. She even used props; a book, flowers, etc. Then she said that she had an idea, and ran into the bedroom. She came out a minute later in a navy blue negligee, and we shot another entire role of her in it.

Then she asked if I’d like to shoot her nude. I thought it was a great idea, and reloaded while she opened another bottle of white zinfandel. I was explaining to her that we have to develop our own film in the class, so no one else would see the photos, and when I looked up, she was standing there, nude, pouring the wine. That was the first shot.

I guess I really wasn’t prepared for how strikingly beautiful she was. She has a swimmer’s body, which means extremely well-defined musculature, but in a very feminine way. What really struck me, though, was her nipples. She has what an ex-boyfriend of mine called “teacup” nipples; where the areola is puffy, and stands up on its own like a mini-breast on top of the breast.

We shot several rolls, and the more we drank, the racier the poses got. I have casino oyna to admit, what Angie was doing was making me hot, very hot. She could lick and suck her own nipples, and even started fingering herself.

She took the bottle, took a drink, then, looking straight into the camera, spread her legs and started fucking herself with the wine bottle. I knew this would masturbation material for me for weeks. She pulled it out and started licking and sucking it like a cock. Then, she put it back in her pussy, slowly fucking in and out while the shutter clicked, then she pulled it out and offered it to me.

“Want a drink?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yeah, yeah, I do,” I managed to say. I put down the camera and took the bottle. I had never tasted another woman, but I liked the taste of myself on my fingers when I masturbated, and I loved the taste of her on the rim of the bottle, white zinfandel pouring down my throat.

“You’re so sexy,” I told her, “I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”

“Why do you think my one week vacation is nearly a month now? Amy, my roommate back in Boston… Well, she, I mean, she and I, and, well, I’ve been thinking a lot about you in the past two years, waiting for an opportunity. Have you ever been with another woman?”

“No,” I told her, “Not yet. I mean, I’ve had a few fantasies, but…”

“I’ve been trying to tell you. But, right now, I don’t want to talk at all.”

And then she crawled, on all fours, to where I was sitting on the couch. Starting at my knees, she rubbed her face against me, nuzzling me like a cat, working her way up my body.

When she got to my neck, she started with soft, light kisses. Having my neck kissed turns me on more than anything. She covered my neck with those little kisses, breaking the pattern occasionally with a flick of her tongue across my ears, or an open-mouthed hungry-but-soft nibble of my flesh, like taking a bite from an over-ripe peach. This seemed to go on forever. My heart was racing, beating so hard that I felt my entire body throbbing, and I found, to my surprise, that I was moaning into her; for how long I don’t know.

Her hands found the bottom of my shirt, and pulled it over my head. Then she leaned forward and put her lips to mine. I’ve been making out with guys since the seventh grade, but never had I been kissed so deeply, with such tender passion. When the kiss ended, she pulled back from me, taking my bra with her. I had been so involved with those lips, with her probing tongue dancing with mine, that I didn’t even notice she had unhooked my bra.

She sat back on her heels and looked at me, looked at my naked canlı casino breasts. Her gaze showed appreciation, longing, and hunger. Not the kind of lust that a teenage boy has for a bikini, but the longing in a Frenchman’s’s eyes for an $800 bottle of merlot. That’s how her gaze made me feel: like I was a bottle of Dom Perignon, and her hand was on the cork.

She stood, took me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom. She sat down on the bed, pulling me to her. She kissed my belly and flicked her tongue in my navel as she undid my jeans, pulled them over my hips, and down. I looked down as her hands caressed my ass and the backs of my thighs. The front of my pink panties were dark, as though they had been splashed with water.

Her index fingers went inside the elastic at the hips, and she looked up at me as if to ask permission. I smiled, and down they came, too. She lay back on the bed in all her naked wonder and patted the bed, inviting me to join her. I stepped out of my jeans and panties, crawled up the bed, and lay face-down on my stomach next to her, looking at her beautiful face, unsure what to do.

She, however, was not the least bit unsure. She rolled on top of me, tongue licking my ear and neck, breasts pressed against my back, her pubic hair grinding into my ass. She worked her way down, planting kisses all over my back, across my cheeks, and down my legs.

Starting again at my ankles, more forcefully this time, sucking and nibbling my ankles, my calves, and the backs of my knees (God, I LOVE that). She covered my thighs with those slow, hungry licks and came back up to my cheeks, covering them with sucking kisses. It turned me on and tickled at the same time.

Then, her tongue found the small of my back and started working its way down. Spreading my cheeks with her hands, she used her tongue like a paintbrush, licking up and down the crack of my ass, going lower and lower till it reached my asshole. Now, I’ve had a couple of boyfriends who wanted to fuck me there, but no one ever licked me there. I lifted my hips off the bed to give her better access. She must have spent fifteen minutes tonguing my ass.

My juices were running down my thighs. I reached down to play with my clit, but she pulled my hand away, moaning “un-uh” directly into my ass. I felt it all the way up my spine.

She slowly worked her way down, and when her tongue touched my labia, it was like an electric jolt. I jumped and spun around, landing on my back. She came up to me and we stated kissing again, then she did more work on my neck till I couldn’t control my moaning. Then, she started in on my breasts, sucking, licking, and lightly biting them. kaçak casino How did she know I like my nipples bitten?

She reached down and finally, FINALLY, touched my pussy. Her fingers were everywhere, rubbing my clit in tiny circles, tugging on my lips, and penetrating me to rub the tiny washboard of my G-spot. I came again and again. Eventually she came to a stop, giving me a rest, and we began kissing again. She brought her hand up to lick my juices off. I helped her, tasting myself on her long, slim fingers.

She got that wicked grin on her face again and moved in between my legs. She lifted my knees and spread my thighs. I propped my head up with a pillow so I could watch her. Her face lowered to my bush and she inhaled deeply, smiling like she was smelling hot cherry pie, fresh from the oven.

She started with those tiny kisses again, on the inside of my thighs. I had never had my pussy licked by someone who really enjoys what they’re doing. Most guys, if they give head at all, do a perfunctory clit-check with their tongue right before they stick it in. Not Angie. She ate my pussy with her whole mouth: lips, tongue, teeth, suction. She made love to my pussy, to all of it, licking my clit, lip-biting my labia, softly chewing the inner lips, and moaning into me as she tongue-fucked me to orgasm after orgasm.

Until that night, I had no idea that multiple orgasms could mean MULTIPLE orgasms. I tell you honestly, I came AT LEAST fifteen times that night. When she finally, mercifully stopped, my body wracked with spasms, we lay in each other’s arms, kissing. I was enjoying the taste of myself on her glistening face.

I very much wanted to taste her, too, so I kissed and nibbled her neck, and finally got to suck and play with those magnificent, puffy nipples. While I was enjoying her breasts, she took my hand and brought it down to her mound, and while I was sucking on her nipples, I caressed, rubbed, and played with her pussy, doing everything to hers that I like doing to mine.

You know how sometimes when you masturbate, it’s sort of a “quickie”, and other times you take the long, slow route? Well, I gave her the gourmet treatment, doing absolutely everything to her that I like to feel.

After maybe her third orgasm, I began kissing my way down her stomach, but she stopped me, and I was a bit disappointed.

“Not tonight,” she said, “It’s very late, I’m tired, and there’s plenty of time tomorrow.”

I looked at the clock. It had been nearly three hours since we started taking pictures! So, we got some water, completely dehydrated from our love-making, and fell asleep holding each other, kissing.

In a few days, I’ll post a sequel to this about the next day when she taught me how to eat pussy. It was mind blowing. Please write with your comments, or any similar experiences you ladies have had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20