Neighbourly Ch. 02

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My thought processes were completely scrambled. Images of our encounter flashed and dissolved as quickly as time seemed to be passing. I was in slow motion yet all around me seemed to be moving extremely fast. I had just had a delicious bisexual encounter with the woman next door and a stream of past desires had suddenly become reality and a more were visible on the horizon, plus it seemed that there was a strong likelihood of a myriad more unforeseen times to come. I could still smell and taste her as I raced up to the petrol station for her new stop light bulbs as promised. The image of her teasing tongue snaking down to lick her own nipple, as I had commanded her to do, was all I could think of clearly. I recalled in my mind how anxiety had turned to apprehension as I sat watching Michelle in her kitchen and then, the next thing I knew, we were in each others arms, on the floor in a mass of tangled limbs enjoying, no, savouring a new found sexuality. It was possibly a fated meeting, but it was something that, if foretold to either of us at the start of the day, would have brought total dismissal from us both.

Within a very short space of time I once again found myself upon her doorstep and ringing the doorbell. It was an old style pull cord that clanged the real antique bell inside the door. I stood upon her threshold with my heart thumping noticeably in my chest.

“That was quick!” she exclaimed with a mock shyness.

“I will only be a few more minutes and the task will be complete.” I said showing her the two globes. She gave me the keys to her small, dark green four-wheel drive and suggested I let myself in after I had finished with the car as she had some things to do in the kitchen in the meantime.

The stoplight replacement took a little longer than I expected because of the fiddly-ness of the fittings. Michelle obviously felt the same, because I caught sight of her a number of times peeking through the front window to see what I was doing. Eventually, she came out and climbed into the rear seats, draping her arms over the backs and asked me what I was doing.

“The bloody socket, pardon my French, is tucked around behind the rear framework and I can not get enough purchase on the broken globe to get it out.” I said, grunting with each effort.

“You sound like a steam engine.” She commented with a laugh.

I was lying in the rear boot area of her 4-wheel drive and each time I moved, my baby pink singlet top would ride up exposing my midriff. I felt a cool breath of air on my tummy and looked up to see Michelle blowing a stream of air from her mouth down onto me. I smiled at her and she placed a kiss on the tips of her fingers and delicately transferred them to my lips. I softly responded with a pucker of my lips, which she returned to her own lips. That moment, although only consuming a very small quantity of real time, seemed to linger between us for an eternity. The softness of her expression impacting on me like butter left out on a hot day; I was melting before this lovely lady. Without saying a word we communicated complete story lines between us simply by looking into each other’s eyes.

Michelle was the first to move as she came round to the open rear door to lend a hand. She tenderly stroked my hair back out of my eyes and kissed my shoulder.

“I really do appreciate you doing this Sue, but really, you needn’t bother.”

I looked up at her, the sun catching her hair from behind and framing her head in a halo of golden light.

“I wish I had a camera right now, you look so beautiful.” I said, my heart skipping a hundred beats at her radiant natural beauty as she stood before me. “More so than usual.” I added.

Michelle blushed noticeably.

“Bah!” she said dismissively. “You are just saying that. I am no competition against you. You have such a gorgeous look about you and you carry yourself with such grace and poise. I suppose that is attributable to you being model material, but nonetheless, you are simply genuinely beautiful.”

“Who said anything about being in competition!” I said, a little to sharpish than intended.

“Sorry, I did not mean to …..,” her voice trailed off.

“No, Michelle. It is I who should apologize. I did not mean to sound so snappy just then. You are a very gorgeous woman in your own right. Just because I have done some modeling means absolutely zip. Do you ever notice how people of both sexes look at you and after you when you are out and about.”

She nodded.

“Well, they are not just admiring your shoes are they?”

She shook her head.

“What do you think is going through their minds?”

This time she shrugged, then smiled her little girl smile.

“If they are like me, they look at you and think ‘Wow, what a good looking, sexy woman. I wonder what it is like to fuck her.”

“Sue!” she exclaimed.

“Well, I do. I mean I used to think that, until an hour ago. Now I know first hand.” I said with a laughed and a cheeky twinkle in my eye.

“Did you really used to think casino siteleri like that about me?” she asked quietly. I nodded my response.

“I have to admit,” she said shyly, “I think, well thought, but still think, like that about you.”

“I was hoping you did.” I said, flushing just as much as Michelle had.

I sat up and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She responded with a sensual caress of her own lips on mine. She then traced my lips with hers, placing delicate kisses all along my mouth but not lingering long enough for me to fully engage. I sat there transfixed, feeling the whole world vanish into the ether, the only tangible thing being this wonderful person in front of me, and the tenderness of the moment.

“Sue,” she started to ask with a slight hint of coyness displayed by her body language. “How, um, I mean when did you first discover you were, um…. You know.”


“Yes. Thank you. I was not sure how to put it. But how old were you when did you find out?”

I sat cross-legged in the boot of her car and started to tell her of my first time with Vickie.

“My first girl on girl experience occurred when I was 18.”

“That early.” She exclaimed as she sat beside me, her eyes eager for every detail. I continued to relate the circumstances and detail the place and time, Michelle taking it all in.

“It was so beautiful that I instantly fell in love with her and, thankfully, she with me.” I said, in closing. “We were together for just over a year until she had to go overseas to start uni and we just slowly lost touch.” I sighed, then added jokingly, “there was no internet nor email back in those days.” Michelle reached over and took my hand in a gesture that indicated she could feel the regret that still lingered for a lost love.

“That is so beautiful, Sue.” Michelle whispered with a hint of withheld tears.

I brushed her hair back off her face, “That had ignited my bisexual interests dramatically. I never had a proper sexual encounter with anyone prior to that night at Cronulla and I am still amazed that my first female experience occurred before my first male experience. Now, all these years later I often find myself looking at women in the street and secretly wondering if they had ever made love with another woman or even knew of its delights.”

“I think I know now of what you speak.” She sighed.

Then Michelle turned to me again, here eyes shining bright. “How did you get into modelling?” Was that through another lesbian experience?”

“My, you are full of insightful questions aren’t you?” I retorted, though tempered by a broad warm grin. This lovely lady beside me was once such a remote person to me, with barely a few sentences exchanged in any one meeting but now here we were talking of sexual matters as if we had known each other for decades.

“Oh, sorry. I did not mean to pry.”

“Not at all.” I said. “After what we have just experienced, I would be asking the same questions.” She grinned cheekily but remained silent.

“I was in David Jones in the city, shopping in their exclusive section looking for a suitable outfit to wear to a charity ball my then boyfriend’s, now husband, company was hosting. I had just turned 22, and I was working in the city at the time and as it was my lunch break I decided to at least have a browse at what was on offer.”

“After a few bad choices, I found this black satin dress to try on. It was cut low in the front and tied up around the neck in a halter style. It was even lower cut in the back. A low curving line that stopped just above the small of my back. It was not the kind of dress you could not wear a bra with as the ties revealed the sides of your breasts near the arm and the plunging neckline and sheerness of the material would not have looked good other than being shaped by one’s body alone.” I smiled cheekily and my attentive audience of one nodded intently listening to my every word.

“Wow. I bet it was expensive.” Michelle chimed in. “And, I bet you look simply stunning in it too.”

“Thank you.” I smiled. “I think I could have turned a few heads,” flicking my hair back in an exaggerated way. We both laughed at that.

“I came out of the change room to have a better look in the full length wall mirrors, when the designer came up to me. She was doing some in-store promotional work and was delighted to see me trying on one of her creations. She was about my height, maybe a little taller, but not altogether heavier in body and bottom, but noticeably larger in bust size. She would have been in her late forties I guess but she still had a good figure and was still very attractive facially. She started to fuss over me commenting about my figure, my bust, etc and suggesting I try this accessory and that. As she continued, Alyssa (she introduced herself after the first few minutes) was moving her hands more freely and she started to brush down across my breasts as she made excuses that the dress was not sitting right. I was not sure what to do or how to react. I was canlı casino seriously inclined to take the dress from the outset but her attentions where causing me a bit of concern.”

“After I had explained the occasion to Alyssa, I asked her if she could suggest something else and she quickly ran off to her rack of new arrivals. She selected a floor length hot pink satin dress which was strapless but had a delicate gold chain that clasped across the back, the back line then dipped deeply to just above my bottom. She urged me to try it on and all but picked me up and took me into the change room. She was so excited and even asked if I had ever thought of doing any modelling. I reply in the negative and she said she could just see me on the catwalk in her outfits. I blushed as she took the black dress I had just removed and placed it on a hanger. I was standing there in my white lace bra and matching knickers, inwardly relieved that I had put on some descent underwear that morning, when she brushed her hand quite deliberately across my crotch, which made me jump slightly. She told me that I had some strands of material from the black dress caught on my underwear and then she, with a forcible and commanding hand, turned me about looking me up and down. To my astonishment though, all this fuss and attention she was now showering on me also started to make me feel a tad excited.”

‘”I have to have you as a model for my new collection,’ she said to me as she turned me around looking me over and over again.”

“I would have run for the hills,” said Michelle.

“I nearly did!” I told Michelle, “but the idea of modeling her clothes plus the butterflies she was giving me rooted me to the spot.” I turned and looked at my lovely neighbour and took her hand in mine as I continued my tale. “Michelle, do you know the exclusive floor in DJ’s in the city?”

“I have been there once or twice so I kind of know where you mean etc.” Her hand gently squeezed mine in a soft reply of recognition of where I meant. I interlaced my fingers in hers and continued.

“Well, because it is so expensive and that, you do not get a lot of the lunch time crowds there, in fact it is a good escape.” We both chuckled in agreement. “The change room Alyssa had directed me too was away in a remote corner so she had me virtually all to herself. She continued to admire my body and underwear commenting on its styling and such. Then she cupped my breasts and started to toy with my nipples. I stood transfixed and she just looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘You are a very beautiful woman, Sue and I want to make love to you.’ Just straight out with it she came. I could feel my nipples enlarging as she thumbed them through the flimsy material of my bra. ‘Since you have not moved I can only assume that you want to as well.’ She said and I nodded my consent suddenly feeling my legs getting weak from the rush of sexual excitement I was now feeling.”

“Alyssa, pulled me to her and kissed me ferociously. Her mouth engulfing mine and sucking my tongue almost out of my body. I felt consumed by her passion and pushed my tongue hard back against hers. She groaned her joy at having me acquiesce in her arms. I did not even stop to think of the possibility of being discovered, the suddenness of her move on me had not given me time to think at all. She deftly pulled the cups of my bra below my breasts and bent her head to feed greedily upon them. I threw my head back in ecstasy and cuddled her black haired head to me as she suckled noisily. I groaned deeply each time she firmly chewed on one of my throbbing nubs, rolling it then pulling it with her teeth and then sucking hard to keep it stretched.”

“My legs were trembling, more from the intense sexual attack than any nerves, and she eased me back so I could sit on the corner slat bench seat in the room. I placed my bottom on the edge with Alyssa still sucking my tits. I looked down to watch her and even in the demure lighting of the room I could see the copious amounts of her saliva coating each swollen bud. With hands alone, she indicated that I should lift my bottom and as I did she removed my sticky panties. Once removed the cool air that ran up between my now splayed legs as somewhat refreshing. Alyssa remained on my breasts as she slid two fingers deep into my sodden groin. As soon as she had them knuckle deep she went down on me, her tongue smashing into my swollen clitoris. I caught my breath at her touch and bucked my hips up to greet her onslaught. Her fingers pulled back then drove in hard making me gasp again and again while her tongue licked right along the hard ridge of my clit. I lost control of my legs as they started to shake visibly. I held onto the edge of the seat for all I was worth, my knuckles tuning white as she pounded me hard with her fingers. I cried out to her that I was about to climax and she increased her pace. I threw my head back and supported my body on my arms as I swayed my vagina up to her invading fingers and spearing tongue.’

‘Then I exploded. I clamped my thighs kaçak casino around her head, locking her to me as I shook totally out of control of my being. All manner of spectral lights played across the insides of my eyelids as she drove me over into a bottomless void of beautiful delight. I eased my bottom back onto the seat as I slowly regathered my senses and gently ran my fingers through her raven hair. We did not exchange any words for quite a while, we just sat and savoured the moment.’

‘Finally she stood and pulled me to my feet. She kissed me tenderly and then said, ‘Now, my dear, here is my card. Come to my office tomorrow at 11am and I’ll discuss the modeling contract I would like you to sign you.’ I looked down at the business card and nodded. “Oh, by the way Sue, don’t bother buying any of these outfits from here. I have these and some others at my office that would be perfect for you to wear. Call it an upfront engagement fee.’ Then she simply turned and left. I suddenly realized where I was and what had just happened and feeling rather embarrassed, I dressed and made my exit as quickly as I could. I did not want to make eye contact with the staff but somehow I got the feeling they knew very well what had happened. I got back to my office and sat in a state of bewildered bliss. I replayed the events of that meeting with Alyssa repeatedly throughout the afternoon and twice I found myself in the ladies masturbating to relieve the insistent tingle I had between my legs.’

“I can relate to that, my dear girl”, said Michelle sitting crossed legged beside me. She smiled at me knowingly and quickly got out of the car. I could tell she was feeling excited by what I had told her, god knows I was too. I reached for her wanting to kiss her and hold her but she gracefully evaded my grasp.

“I had better let you get on with that,” she said pointing to the brake light panel. “I will be in the kitchen waiting for you. I will even have the tea pot ready, so please do not be long.” She bounded away, a certain new spring in her step. I watched her bottom as she disappeared wishing I could feel those soft white moons in my hands right now. But I had made an offer to do this task and I was not going to let it defeat me.

Surprisingly, once I got restarted, I managed to replace the bulbs within ten minutes. It was getting hot and sultry, the predicted storms beginning to build in the south. I could feel trickles of perspiration running down between my breasts as a result for my exertions and the humidity. A wicked thought crossed my mind with Michelle obediently licking my cleavage dry with her exquisite tongue. A shudder of excitement ran through me as I closed the car up and turned to go inside.

As Michelle had suggested, I entered using the key on her key ring. The only sound was the occasional clink of cups and saucers being washed up so I made straight for the kitchen. To my astonishment and very pleasant surprise, Michelle was doing the washing up wearing only a pair of bone coloured lacy panties and her sleeveless-top that she had worn earlier, and even from this distance I could tell she did not have a bra underneath. To add to this splendid sight, she also had on a pair of black high heels. The overall effect on me was like a moth to a flame. I was drawn without hesitation.

I went to her and lustfully thrust my body against her back and gorgeous behind. I pressed my breasts into the small of her back as she arched her back pressing her behind into me. I pushed forward pinning her body between my pelvis and the sink while I grabbed at her breasts. I pressed the ‘V’ of my hands under the rise of her breasts and pushed firmly up, squeezing the thumbs of each hand hard into the firmness of her flesh. She groaned loudly from deep within her throat as I pinched her nipples quite firmly, pulling on them through the material of her top. My mouth found her neck and then I started gently nibbling on her ear lobe.

“Oh, Sue, that feels wonderful.” She mewed.

After a few minutes of this, I dropped one hand down her tummy and across the front of her flimsy knickers. The waistband was wet, but that was from the water in the sink unlike the gusset, which was saturated with her vaginal secretions. I pushed my index finger hard into the folds and wetness seeped through and coated my finger. I raised it and told her to lick it clean. She opened her mouth and with that darting tongue quickly lapped up her own juices, licking her lips as well.

“So you like to be told how to go about pleasing your lover?” I asked, leaning my body hard against hers, my mouth on her ear.

“Oh yes, Sue, I never get to do things this way normally but with you it seems… ” She did not finish the sentence but we both knew what she meant. Somehow we both felt safe and secure enough to let go and release our inhibitions, things just felt right between us despite the brevity of our closer association.

I noticed a bread knife lying in the sink and knew right away I had to use it. I pressed my hips hard against her bottom again as I reached for it, Michelle catching her breath slightly as she saw what I going for. Without saying a word, I slipped the knife into the waistband of her knickers and cut it through. She gasped excitedly.

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